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Writing and Media Management Services for business owners who are serious about taking their company to the next level.


More visitors equals more customers. Happier customers mean more money. And that’s what you want really, isn’t it?

Well you’ve come to the right place my friend! My content strategy has helped massive companies, and small companies alike. Just look at those stats!

I don’t write just to hit word count, or to stuff your articles with jargon. No, I write to create a relationship with the reader, and keep them coming back for more.



And I don’t just write, I also:

  • Create graphics, to really get your point across
  • Research topics that will interest your audience, and keep them engaged
  • Optimize your blog posts for search engines
  • Include screenshots, links, and data to really up your credibility
  • Choose a blog post title designed to get attention on social media
  • Create corresponding social media posts for each blog post written
  • And get this, I also have experience with Facebook Ads. Shoot me a note and we’ll boost your profits in no time!



Where else can you get a trained graphic designer, writer, ad specialist, and accomplished social media manager all in one?

No where. 



Services I offer:

Copywriting: Whether it’s a blog article or a tech one sheeter; I’ve got you covered. My speciality niches are in healthcare, fertility and tech, but I can whip up anything you need!

Social Media Management: Social Media allows for a company to show off it’s true personality. BUT It can be very time consuming-that’s where I come in. My tried and true social media tactics can bolster click through rates to your website, create an engaged and happy online community, and increase your ranking on Google. Who wouldn’t want that?

On top of that, I create content exclusively for your company. So yes, there will be retweeting and sharing of relevant content, but a chunk of your social media will be 100% unique to you and your audience. Many SMM (Social Media Managers) just recycle the same information over and over again. That gets lack lustre results and doesn’t catch the eye of your consumer. Unique pictures, copy and video do!

Graphic Design/Web Design: I’m a trained graphic designer (I got my degree at Arizona State University!) and I’ve worked with tons of companies on design projects. I’ve done logos for solo-preneurs, to promo items for large companies like Tech  Data. Ad in my experience with print and packaging design and you’ve got one well rounded designer! I’ve also been known to whip up a few websites in my day! Click on this link and see what I’ve done in the past! (Besides Funding22 that is!)

Reputation Management/SEO: One time I spent two weeks straight in a client’s office to help save them from a PR nightmare. Now that’s some commitment! You can rest assured that your online presence is not only squeaky-clean, but Google LOVES it when I’m by your side.



So shoot me a note and let’s get started on creating something amazing for your blog, business or side hustle! 




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