Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches

Hello Hello F22 crew! Writing (or some people call it copy) is a HUGE industry that most people don’t even realize exists. Copywriters are constantly in high demand,and can be paid very well for their services. Sure, some people are natural writers and can bust out 1,000 words in no time at all, but even if you aren’t a natural Oscare Wilde, you can learn to make money on the side by writing! The best Continue Reading

Freelance Writer Side Hustle Review

Hello Hello F22 crew! Blogging and freelance writing are all. the. rage. right now! (Do people even say ‘all the rage’ anymore?) The good news is, the internet is not a finite resource! Meaning that there is always room for more bloggers, more people helping companies with copywriting, and more content creators in general! Freelance writing allows you to pick your topics, work from anywhere, and has very little start up costs. So do you Continue Reading

25 Side Hustles to Start Today

Hello Hello F22 crew! Looking for a long term side hustle, maybe to start your own business, or just need to make some holiday cash? I’ve got you covered with 25 ways to make extra money this weekend! So hold on to your iPhones, there’s bound to be something for everyone on this list!

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