How to Automate Your Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

Hello Hello F22 crew! You should know by now that one of my many side-hustles in being a social media manager. I’ve also done this professionally, so I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve! Being a social media manager (SMM) or blogger, freelancer, small business owner requires you to post A LOT. The best way to make this easier is by automating your posting, and batching your creation. We will go over batching creation Continue Reading

How To Get More Blog Traffic *Easily

Hello Hello F22 crew! Are you a new blogger like me? (Well new with this blog!) Do you constantly read blog posts that promise more blog traffic for you, but end up being a Tailwind ad that’s not even well disguised? I feel ya. So no fear! Here are some tips and tricks for how I’ve improved my blog traffic! No Tailwind app needed! Though I do think if you’re going to take your blog Continue Reading

My Favorite Tools for New Bloggers

Hello Hello F22! I get it, if you’re new to the world of blogging or just websites, it’s INSANE! There are so many people selling courses and products and affiliate programs “guaranteed” to make you a profitable blog. If you read my post on why my first blog ‘failed’ you’ll know I’ve been where you are. After I wrote that post I figured I should help all my little blog fledglings cut through the bullshit Continue Reading

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