Pinterest For Bloggers

  Are you struggling to drive traffic to your blog after spending hours upon hours creating content? Do you use all the right hashtags without little return? Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, or are you still just using Facebook and Twitter? Guess what, the secret is out. ‘

Instagram 101; How to Improve Your Instagram Reach in 10 Days

Hello my sweets! I would argue that if Facebook is social media King, that Instagram is social media Queen. And if you’re planning on becoming any type of influencer, freelancer, or business owner-you should be giving the Queen the respect she deserves! But with an ever changing algorithm it can be sometimes hard to keep up with her majesty. So here are some of my tips and tricks to improve your Instagram reach in 10 Continue Reading

How To Decide Your Freelancing Rates

I had been toying with the idea of writing this post for awhile, and then the universe sent me a message. Are you ready for a story time? Well let’s back up a bit first. Every freelancer, or business owner, has to decide what their work/product is worth  (and subsequently what they are worth). And let me tell you…it’s hella hard. For a normal career path person, your ‘value’ is dictated by your years of Continue Reading

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