Hello Hello F22 Crew! Welcome back to the second week of job round ups! I hope you all found some helpful links last week. All of these will be remote, but may vary in length or type. (Meaning they may be contract, 1099 or W2 jobs!) Some also offer in person opportunities as well. With the way the world is right now, I know it can be overwhelming to know where to start a job Continue Reading

All About Co-Working Spaces

Hello Hello F22 crew! At one stage of your freelancing or digital nomad career, you will consider joining a coworking space. Every freelancer contemplates the idea of joining a co-working hub. Is it worth leaving your beloved barista behind for a change of scenery in a more work-oriented atmosphere? The answer you’re looking for comes down to what your work preferences are. I personally have toyed with the idea of using a space, as some Continue Reading

A Beginners Guide to Digital Nomad Life

  Hello Hello F22 crew! Digital nomads are taking over the world, one coworking space and coffee shop at a time. It is normal to come across that young millennial who confesses their hatred for the 9-5 lifestyle and opts for a more independent career as a Digital Nomad. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the digital age where we have all the tools we need to build a solid career at our fingertips. Continue Reading

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