Why My First Blog “Failed”

Hello hello F22 crew! Surprise! I had another blog before this, and you may have read about it briefly in my FOMO Ad Network post recently. But it failed, and I gave up on it. How did it fail? Well basically I didn’t niche down at all (even though you definitely don’t HAVE to), and I just didn’t know how to monetize it. The crazy thing? It did better monthly page view wise at 7 Continue Reading

Virtual Assisting Side Hustle Review

Hello hello F22 crew! Have you heard a virtual assistant before? Essentially what they do is any task a business (sometimes a blogger) owner may need. This could be posting to Pinterest, filling out tax paperwork, or acting as a social media manager. It’s sort of a catch all term for a remote professional! The great thing is you can customize your offerings to whatever YOU love, and make money off of it! So if Continue Reading

Pinterest For Bloggers

  Are you struggling to drive traffic to your blog after spending hours upon hours creating content? Do you use all the right hashtags without little return? Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, or are you still just using Facebook and Twitter? Guess what, the secret is out. ‘

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