Freelance Jobs for Extroverts

Hello Hello my F22 Crew! Are you an extrovert? Do you just LOVE being around people and chatting with them, finding out their life story? Then I’ve got a list of jobs for you! (Don’t worry introvert yours is coming soon as well!) Luckily most jobs require at least a little bit of customer service skills, but this list contains what I think would be fun jobs where you really just get to find out Continue Reading

Side Hustle Review: Photographer

One of the fastest growing side-hustles, or self owned businesses niches, is photography! It allows you to develop your own artistic style, meet tons of new people, and travel! While the overhead may be more than other side hustles, a lot of people find it to be very rewarding and lucrative!

Side Hustle Review; Alternative Modeling

Do you love taking selfies? Do you just feel your best when someone pulls a camera out? While there is a lot of stigma around ‘instagram modeling’, being a model can be a serious and lucrative side hustle! Combining grace, athleticism and a knowledge of networking, modeling is something to take seriously!

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