Jobs for Stay At Home Moms (SAHM)

Hello Hello F22 crew! I know SO many of you are mothers out there! And as if that wasn’t hard enough, tons of moms are looking for a way to supplement their income (whether they are stay at home moms, or 9-5 working moms). So I thought I would put together a little list of services YOU can offer as a stay at home mom! No need to put the littles in daycare, you can Continue Reading

8 Things I’ve Done To Make Extra Money

Hello Hello F22 crew! Post college life (if you went or any time in your 20’s) can be a whirlwind of new experiences, and really low lows. So many of our peers are in different areas of life, and no one really knows what’s going on. I’ve gone from living in a one room casita with no kitchen or cooking appliances, to applying for a mortgage in less than two years. But then I ended Continue Reading

Pet Sitting Side Hustle Review

Hello Hello F22 crew! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take care of lions and tigers and bears? (Oh my!) No? Well how about a tiny shit-zu or pitbull? If so then Steffa’s side hustle of being a pet sitter may be something to consider! Transitioning from zookeeping to pet sitting made sense for this lovely blogger (wild right?!) but you definitely don’t have to have that kind of experience to get started! Continue Reading

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