What is a New Collar Worker?

Hello Hello F22 crew! Do you know what a New Collar Worker is? No? Until recently I didn’t either. At my 9-5 we closely work with IBM, the powerhouse in all things tech and the digital transformation space. I attended IBM Think 2020 and heard the term during one of the sessions on continued learning. I’m sure you all know how much I love and push continued learning, not only for career success, but for Continue Reading

Using YouTube for Small Businesses

Hello Hello F22 Crew! I’ve mentioned before that I am a social media manager as one of my many freelance gigs. And obviously this involves almost all social media platforms, depending on the client. I have my favorites for every category, ya know which I like best in my private life, which I like creating content for etc. YouTube is probably the one I interact with most in my private life. I love seeing the Continue Reading

Affiliate Program Masterlist

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing in it’s simplest form is when you buy a product, or use a service, you’re given a code. Then you use that code to promote the product (hopefully only if you really like it!) When people use your code or click on your link, you make a small profit on each sale. You could argue that this is the original ‘influencer’ marketing technique! And most bloggers, youtubers, influencers and Continue Reading

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