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How to Automate Your Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

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Hello Hello F22 crew!

You should know by now that one of my many side-hustles in being a social media manager. I’ve also done this professionally, so I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve! Being a social media manager (SMM) or blogger, freelancer, small business owner requires you to post A LOT. The best way to make this easier is by automating your posting, and batching your creation. We will go over batching creation later, so for now let’s focus on automating!


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December 6, 2019

Places to Sell Your Artwork Online

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where to sell your artwork online

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

Are you an artist?! I bet you are…but I secretly think everyone is an artist and you just have to find your medium! But in this day an age it can be super hard to find people to buy your work, and then sometimes shipping can be a pain and it’s this entire thing. I myself have boxes of artwork that just stare at me begging for me to give them a home. SO I knew there was a need for a post like this! Here are five places to sell your art online, whether it be digital, physical, sculptural whatever!


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December 1, 2019

All About My YouTube Channel

Hey F22 Crew!


I’ve got some exciting news! I’m starting a YouTube channel! (This is SO many years in the making. Lord) I invite you all to come subscribe and listen to my rants or watch my adventures! So many people are creating Youtube channels, and for good reason. YouTube allows you to make content you love, connect with people who also love it, while testing your creativity and (sort of) being able to easily monetize it! If you’re interested in my YT channel or how to start your own, keep reading!


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November 26, 2019
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