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October Income Report

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I personally love reading income reports because they give me a glimpse into how other people run their business and organize their life. I know a lot of people find them invasive or think people are bragging, but I don’t agree. My income reports aren’t as *amazing* as some bloggers out there, but I think it’s important to share that you CAN make money online and via freelancing, even if it doesn’t 100% support you from the beginning. You have to start somewhere right?

So! That brings us to the 5th installment of Mar’s monthly income reports.


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November 7, 2019

All About Amazon Affiliates

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Hello Hello F22 Crew!

If you’ve been reading blogs for more than a couple days, I’m sure you’ve come across a blog post either talking about affiliate codes, or with affiliate codes in them. Simply put affiliate programs are the act of selling something for someone else, and in the mean time you get a small commission. Since we live in a digital age, that’s as simple as writing about a product and including a link. Bada-boom a blogger can make money! Some programs require tens of thousands of views before bloggers are allowed into the program. That’s where the Amazon Associates program comes in…you don’t really need ANY views to be accepted!


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October 15, 2019

Best Online Survey Sites

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Hello Hello F22 crew!

We’ve all seen the ads and blog posts about it by now, but I’m here to shed a little light on making money online taking surveys. This is one of the few things in life that seem to good to be true… but are actually legit! Basically companies will pay you tell express your opinion. Then they use this data either for themselves to make products and services, or they sell this information to other people to use as they wish. It doesn’t pay a TON of money, but it can certainly add up and be a great use of your downtime. So if you’re looking to make a couple bucks as you’re commuting on public transportation, this may just be for you! Here are the best sites to sign up for.

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September 5, 2019