New Collar Worker Resources

Hello Hello F22 crew! I recently put up a post about New Collar Workers. It’s safe to say after the initial deep dive that I did, I’m obsessed. If you don’t know what a New Collar worker is, it’s basically someone who has learned a new set of skills in a different way than attending a traditional educational institution. IE they didn’t go to college or tradeschool for it. If you want to learn more Continue Reading

How to Get More Freelance Clients

Hello hello F22 crew! No matter what type of freelancing you do, at some point you’re going to hit a roadblock surrounding work. Getting more clients and/or projects is always at the front of a freelancers mind! As I often say, energy out equals money (aka energy) in! So what do you do when it seems like all the work has dried up? Here are some of my tips and tricks on how to find Continue Reading

Using Indeed as a Freelancer

Hello F22 crew! Making the leap between being a normal 9-5 employee to a self employed 1099 contractor can be scary. While more and more people are seeing the value of a freelancer, being upfront about job opportunities isn’t something everything is on board with yet. You can check out my list of remote job boards, or go the cold-pitching route that so many people swear by, but I find the easiest way to find Continue Reading

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