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June Freelancing Income Report

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Income reports are a tricky subject. On one hand; I love to read them. They inspire me and allow me to root for my favorite bloggers/freelancers. I get to check in on them like an old friend and see how they’ve progressed since last month!

On the other hand; it’s really weird to be talking about how much money you make on the internet. Sure bloggers and YouTubers do it all the time, but there is still a cultural taboo surrounding it. I personally believe in a salary 9-5 setting, that discussing your annual earnings only benefits you! When people don’t talk about their wages it allows employers to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

So! Does that make income reports awkward as hell? Or eye opening? What do you think?

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July 9, 2019

Niching Down & Why I Chose Fertility Clinics

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I know just the other day I wrote about how if you don’t want to ‘niche down’ then you shouldn’t! And I still stand by that for blogging and general freelancing. I believe NOT niching down can help you build a base of work that will help you later on. You can create your type of work for a variety of sectors and decide what you like best. It also allows you to not be bored, or burnt out, on certain topics. It also allows you share and indulge in multiple passions!

So why should you niche down? And can you niche down for multiple sectors?

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April 18, 2019
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