New Collar Jobs To Start Today

Hello Hello F22 Crew! So you’ve read my past to blog posts on ‘New Collar Workers’ and you’re intrigued. You want to get started. You want to change your life, or just your year. You, my friend, have come to the right place! In addition to my ‘job opportunities round up’ blog post I publish every Monday, I’ve compiled a list of jobs and sectors that are hiring right now for new collar workers like Continue Reading

Making Money With Podcasts

Hello Hello F22 crew! Have you ever sat in a group with your friends in some deep conversation when one of you pipes up with “Man we should really start a podcast!”? Usually it’s followed by a chorus of enthusiastic comments, maybe some laughs, and then followed up by….nothing. Sound familiar? Well maybe 2020 is the year you actually start that podcast then! Much like blogging was in it’s hay day, podcasting offers a fun Continue Reading

A Beginners Guide to Digital Nomad Life

  Hello Hello F22 crew! Digital nomads are taking over the world, one coworking space and coffee shop at a time. It is normal to come across that young millennial who confesses their hatred for the 9-5 lifestyle and opts for a more independent career as a Digital Nomad. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the digital age where we have all the tools we need to build a solid career at our fingertips. Continue Reading

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