Best Freelance Job Boards for Newbies

Hello Hello F22 Crew! Are you new to freelancing and really overwhelmed? Yeah I was at one point too! That was one of the reasons I started Funding22, to help people navigate this weird world. Hopefully you won’t be doing as much Goolge-ing as I had to do! Here are some of the best job boards for newbies! Flexjobs is probably my favorite, but I’ll let you try them out for yourself!  

How to Automate Your Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

Hello Hello F22 crew! You should know by now that one of my many side-hustles in being a social media manager. I’ve also done this professionally, so I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve! Being a social media manager (SMM) or blogger, freelancer, small business owner requires you to post A LOT. The best way to make this easier is by automating your posting, and batching your creation. We will go over batching creation Continue Reading

How To Network At Holiday Parties

Hello Hello F22 Crew! The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it all the festivities! Sure most of them will be with family and friends, but a true freelancing knows that squeezing in a couple business conversations can be good for the pocketbook come 2020. So here are some tips and tricks on how to bring up what you do without feeling like a sleazy salesman!  

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