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Side Hustle Review: Etsy Shop Owner

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Hello Hello F22 Crew!

So many people are diving into hobbies, goals and just general projects right now as a means of coping with the pandemic. Besides giving you something to do I think this is a great way to find another side of yourself that you didn’t know about! So many people are more artistic than they ever thought possible. Take this time, if you’re able to, to dive into all the artsy ‘what ifs’ you’ve been thinking about! Don’t judge yourself and just enjoy the process.

Which leads me to my next point! Sometimes, when you really find your stride in an art, and really love it, it can be a lucrative side hustle! (and many people make it into a main hustle as well!) So the wonderful Gina, whom I actually went to school with!) has volunteered to talk about what all goes in to owning your own Etsy store!

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May 19, 2020
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