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Make Fast Holiday Cash- Side Hustles That Pay Quick

make holiday cash fast

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

Have you ever been sitting there…mid November…and suddenly realize that Black Friday and the official start of the holiday season is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER? Don’t panic! I’ve been there many times and I know money can be tight. But with the number of freelancing options in the world today, I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of freelancing options that pay quickly, so you can get those presents ASAP!

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December 4, 2019

The Start of Blogmas!

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the start of blogmas

Hello Hello F22 Crew!


Just a short post today, but it’s good I swear! I would like to announce I will be participating in 2019’s Blogmas! Well the shortened version at least. Blogmas is a blogger (and YouTuber if you participate in Vlogmas) tradition of either blogging everyday of December, or just for 12 days! As it’s my first, and I am pre-blogging a bunch of this I am just starting with 12! I will be publishing my usual 2 a week blogs in addition so you’ll get lots of content for the holidays. I think everyone should participate in the start of blogmas as it pushes you outside your comfort zone, and helps with SEO! Expect to see extra tips and tricks for freelancing, blogging and maybe even some holiday themed surprises!


Happy Holidays! <3 And welcome to the start of blogmas 2019!

November 28, 2019