How to Meet Other Freelancers/Bloggers

Hello Hello F22 Crew! Working from home can be lonely, like hella lonely. Sure it sounds all fun and games from the outside, but then you blink and realize you haven’t brushed your teeth today or talked to a real person. Everyone deals with a transition to a more isolated profession differently, but eventually you will want to be around people that…just get it. Sure I can tell my boyfriend about my work, but it Continue Reading

Holiday Gifts for Bloggers

Hello Hello F22 Crew! The holidays are here and in full swing! Need a last minute gift for your blogging or freelancing buddy? Perhaps your significant other is a last minute shopper and you want to send them some ideas? Either way, here are some great ideas for any freelancer/blogger/remote worker in your life! Bonus, there are a ton of price points so you’re bound to find something in your budget!

Hosting Showdown! Bluehost vs GoDaddy

Hello Hello F22 Crew! So many people have questions when they first set up a blog. There are so many pieces to setting it up in the beginning, and so many more when you start monetizing it. The biggest question I see at first is what to do about hosting. I tried to be as unbiased as I could during this showdown, but I shed some light on my choice at the end! So let’s Continue Reading

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