Influencer Case Study #1: Keith Caldwell [Guitar Player & Musical Influencer]

  They say the proof is in the pudding right? Well I guess today it’s in the follower count. While F22 is relatively new, my time in the marketing world is not. Before I was pushed into freelancing full-time, I worked for a variety of companies doing graphic design, copy writing, and social media! (You can read more about that here!) But I picked up some tips and tricks along the way. I love helping Continue Reading

My Freelance Origin Story

  Every superhero has an origin story. While I’m far from super, this is my story.   I’m 25 and have been laid off three times because a company is downsizing and/or closing it’s doors. Each time this happens I try to pivot to keep it from happening. (obviously my success hasn’t been great). I went from a Fortune 500 company, to mid-level company, to a micro-company where we all fit at one lunch table. Continue Reading

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