Pet Sitting Side Hustle Review

Hello Hello F22 crew! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take care of lions and tigers and bears? (Oh my!) No? Well how about a tiny shit-zu or pitbull? If so then Steffa’s side hustle of being a pet sitter may be something to consider! Transitioning from zookeeping to pet sitting made sense for this lovely blogger (wild right?!) but you definitely don’t have to have that kind of experience to get started! Continue Reading

Side Hustle Review: Photographer

One of the fastest growing side-hustles, or self owned businesses niches, is photography! It allows you to develop your own artistic style, meet tons of new people, and travel! While the overhead may be more than other side hustles, a lot of people find it to be very rewarding and lucrative!

Side Hustle Review; UX/UI Designer

  What is UX/UI Design? The best thing about the field of UX/UI Design is that there is no predestined path to get there. UX/UI Designers come from just about all backgrounds considering the multidisciplinary nature of developing digital products. UX Design refers to User Experience Design (mostly relating to digital products) which includes roles in strategy/content, wireframing/prototyping, and execution/process. UI Design refers to User Interface, which is everything the user sees and interacts with. Continue Reading

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