New Years Resolutions for 2021

Hello Hello F22 Crew! Is it bad if I say that New Years is my favorite winter holiday? I celebrate a lot of things during the winter months, mainly because of a multi-religion family, but also because of a lot of December birthdays! And yet, nothing can really top the feeling of New Years eve/day. I love the idea of an entire year ahead of you, just waiting to be whatever you make of it! Continue Reading

My 75 Hard Challenge Experience

Hello Hello F22 Crew! Today we’re changing it up a bit. I don’t do a ton of personal posts on Funding22 besides goal setting, birthday stuff, and some schooling posts. (If you’d like that to change let me know down below!) But today we’re talking about a challenge that I recently completed that is accurately named…the 75 Hard Challenge. It is a mix of a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge, so if Continue Reading

I Finished My Masters!

Hello Hello F22 Crew! I graduated! If we go back many months, you’ll remember I posted a blog post all about my program and how the competency based schooling works. If you missed it you can hop over here to read it! But I’m excited to say after about 7 months I have earned an MBA with concentration in IT Management. It wasn’t easy, and honestly many times I felt alone, but I’m excited to Continue Reading

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