Affiliate Program Masterlist

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing in it’s simplest form is when you buy a product, or use a service, you’re given a code. Then you use that code to promote the product (hopefully only if you really like it!) When people use your code or click on your link, you make a small profit on each sale. You could argue that this is the original ‘influencer’ marketing technique! And most bloggers, youtubers, influencers and Continue Reading

Niching Down & Why I Chose Fertility Clinics

I know just the other day I wrote about how if you don’t want to ‘niche down’ then you shouldn’t! And I still stand by that for blogging and general freelancing. I believe NOT niching down can help you build a base of work that will help you later on. You can create your type of work for a variety of sectors and decide what you like best. It also allows you to not be Continue Reading

How To Decide Your Freelancing Rates

I had been toying with the idea of writing this post for awhile, and then the universe sent me a message. Are you ready for a story time? Well let’s back up a bit first. Every freelancer, or business owner, has to decide what their work/product is worth  (and subsequently what they are worth). And let me tell you…it’s hella hard. For a normal career path person, your ‘value’ is dictated by your years of Continue Reading

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