Job Opportunities August 10, 2020

Hello Hello F22 Crew! We’re back with the weekly round up! Hopefully these are helping and/or inspiring some of you! There really are freelance and remote possibilities in ever sector. I encourage you to keep searching and you’ll be able to find your dream job, where you can work from anywhere in the world! If you’re interested in doing an accounting gig from the Bahamas, then being a digital nomad might be for you! Check Continue Reading

How You Should Be Using LinkedIn as a Freelancer

Hello hello! Let me ask you, when was the last time you went on LinkedIn? If you’re like a majority of the population it was to update your resume and then you hopped off and went about your way. Let me tell you that is a HUGE mistake for both 9-5 employees, and freelancers. LinkedIn is amazing because of what it really is….a social media platform all about furthering your career. And you’re telling me Continue Reading

Job Opportunities August 3, 2020

Hello Hello F22 Crew! As you may know I started a weekly round up of remote and/or freelancing jobs! Well I dropped the ball a bit and missed a week. To make it up to you I’ve made this a really beefy list. If you ever need tips or tricks on applying to remote jobs, please let me know! And also don’t forget at the bottom of each round up post there are other blog Continue Reading

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