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The Showdown! Upwork Vs Fiverr!

upwork vs fiverr

Hello Hello F22 crew!

Welcome to the first *Showdown!* I hope to be doing posts like this going forward where we compare and contrast similar freelancing sites and/or services. So I figured I should start with the two that people compare on the daily. Upwork and Fiverr! Historically these sites are pretty similar-you have a job you need done and you find someone to do it for you via these sites. Freelancers can create profiles that highlight skills to influence your decision to hire them. BUT there are some major differences! Keep reading to find out which would fit your #freelancerhustle better!

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November 12, 2019

October Income Report

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I personally love reading income reports because they give me a glimpse into how other people run their business and organize their life. I know a lot of people find them invasive or think people are bragging, but I don’t agree. My income reports aren’t as *amazing* as some bloggers out there, but I think it’s important to share that you CAN make money online and via freelancing, even if it doesn’t 100% support you from the beginning. You have to start somewhere right?

So! That brings us to the 5th installment of Mar’s monthly income reports.


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November 7, 2019

Hey! I’m 26 Today!

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mariahs 26th birthday

Hey there F22 Crew!

Is it a little self-serving to put a blog post up about my birthday on my own blog? Yeah maybe, but if I couldn’t do it here….where could I do it? I’m excited to say I’ve officially made it 26 rotations around the sun!


25 was a really weird year. It was really a ‘building’ year. I built businesses, friendships and decided on a schooling path. I also learned a TON of things about myself. I got to do some awesome things like;

  • I started my business as a full time freelancer!
  • I started Funding22 (the best blog ever!)
  • I donated my eggs again.
  • I went to Ireland! Which was my first real time abroad.
  • I started dating my current boyfriend, whom I’ve known for 10 years. So that was a long time coming.
  • I started a few other business ventures that will come out in 2020!
  • I watched my friends create amazing businesses and side hustles of their own!


I’m really excited for year 26, even if I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be. Last year when I turned 25 I did a Tarot card pull and got a ton of stuff surrounding motherhood. I was a little freaked out seeing as I am not in a place to have little ones, but then my friend Brenna pointed out motherhood is really just about creating and nurturing things. And that’s what I did all year! I’m excited to see how those friendships and businesses grow in 2020 and what else I decide to do!

26 years down…here’s to another 100! (One can hope right?!)


November 5, 2019