The Value of a Freelancer

The Value of a Freelancer

As the years progress, more and more Americans start side hustles and crown themselves ‘freelancer’. As a business owner it can be kind of hard to see the value in hiring someone you can’t physically interact with. But in reality, hiring freelancers instead of in-office employees has a lot of benefits.

Freelancers are Cheap

I had to open up with the most obvious point. While you will pay more hourly upfront, freelancers save you money in the long haul. You don’t pay them sick time, vacation, or provide them with benefits. Also, many other workplace risks are diminished. You also don’t have to provide them a place to work if they are remote. (And if you’re really cheap you don’t have to invite them to company parties!) We as freelancers really just want to make the biggest positive impact we can on a company, in the least amount of time.

Freelancers Save You Time

As a businesses owner, how much is your time worth to you? Would you rather pay a freelancer for a project that takes them 3 hours, or spend 10 hours completing the project yourself? Or worse, have to explain to an employee over and over again how to do the project? Save yourself time and money and just hire a freelancer already.

Freelancers are Hungry

Not actually hungry, hungry for projects they’re passionate about. As much as people like to merge the ideas of ‘starving artist’ and freelancer together, it’s not really like that. Sure, sometimes we take on projects we’re not super enthusiastic about, but that means when we’re excited about your company, we’re ALL IN. Can you say the same about your in-office employees that just really need the benefits? (See point #1!)

Freelancers are Multi-Faceted

A little vague, I know, but hear me out. Freelancers invariably have a wider background of abilities in a specific area. IE a freelancer (like myself) may have provided social media management for many types of businesses. This helps you because it allows them to have a wider knowledge base. Not only do they know what works for your industry, they know what works for other industries and how to merge the two together for a ground-breaking campaign.

Freelancers are business owners too

Freelancers have huge networks, and they value those connections. Why? Because referrals and good business ethics are what makes or breaks your game. Business owners know when they hire a freelancer that you’re most likely getting someone who is also building their own brand. We as freelancers do our best to provide killer services, at a fraction of the time a regular employee can provide them.

So what can you dish out to a freelancer? Well almost anything really. The easiest things to hire a freelancer for are graphic design, web design, social media management, copy writing, or IT work. Coincidentally I freelance as a full-stack marketer! Meaning anything to get a business up and in front of the public eye! You can find me at


In the end, hiring a freelancer is almost always worth it. What projects would you like to hire a freelancer for?


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