Which Side Hustle is for You?

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Looking for a new side kick? Want to make sure it’s really for you? Well come on down to the blog post lining up all the side gig reviews we’ve done so far here! Hopefully these descriptions and little snippets can help you decide which is the best for you. Don’t forget to click through to each blog post and help support the freelancers I interviewed!


Audiobook Narrator:  Love reading? Have a knack for acting or just a great voice in general? Audiobook Narrating may be for you! Starting audio book narrators can bring in $30-$50 and hour with small publishers. While larger publishers can go up to $400.


Pet Sitter: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to take care of lions and tigers and bears? (Oh my!) No? Well how about a tiny shit-zu or pitbull? If so then Steffa’s side hustle of being a pet sitter may be something to consider!


Only Fans Model: Looking for some self empowerment AND some serious cash? Then pay for viewing modeling may be for you! See if you have what it takes to bring in big money each month with Only Fans. Hint: Some of the best creators can top six features each year!


Podcast Host: Are you hilarious? Or at least your friends think you are? Have a certain topic you just LOVE talking about? Then podcasting is for you. Luckily I’ve broken down the multiple ways you can make money from podcasting. There’s more than you’d think!


Postmates Food Delivery Driver: Do you need an uber flexible job (see what I did there?) where you can rock out to your own tunes? Driving for food delivery services may be for you! You can make even better money if you have a car that gets great gas mileage!



Etsy Shop Owner: Are you a creative? Etsy may be for you! One of the first really viable ways to make a living online while selling products, it’s still hanging on for good reason. See how Gina makes money from her business!


Freelance Copywriter: Do you love to write? Well there is always room for more bloggers, more people helping companies with copywriting, and more content creators in general! Freelance writing allows you to pick your topics, work from anywhere, and has very little start up costs. So do you think freelance writing is for you? Find out with Nicole’s interview!


Photographer: One of the fastest growing side-hustles, or self owned businesses niches, is photography! It allows you to develop your own artistic style, meet tons of new people, and travel! While the overhead may be more than other side hustles, a lot of people find it to be very rewarding and lucrative!


Virtual Assistant: Have you heard a virtual assistant before? Essentially what they do is any task a business (sometimes a blogger) owner may need. This could be posting to Pinterest, filling out tax paperwork, or acting as a social media manager. It’s sort of a catch all term for a remote professional! The great thing is you can customize your offerings to whatever YOU love, and make money off of it! So if you dread the idea of taking a coffee order, but want to help small businesses being a VA may be for you!


Secret Shopper: Do you spend most of your days out and about running errands? Do you LOVE shopping or reporting back about your daily events to your significant other? Then secret shopping may be for you!


UX/UI Website Designer: UX/UI Design is essentially the role that bridges the gap between marketing, business, and tech. Essentially UX and UI is a website designer! If you’ve got a creative eye and the willingness to learn to code, then this may be a VERY lucrative side hustle for you.


Model: Do you love taking selfies? Do you just feel your best when someone pulls a camera out? While there is a lot of stigma around ‘instagram modeling’, being a model can be a serious and lucrative side hustle! Combining grace, athleticism and a knowledge of networking, modeling is something to take seriously!


Egg Donation: In this day and age there’s a thousand ways to earn money fast, but I don’t think many raise as many questions as egg donation. With just a quick search you can find hundreds of listing for ‘Egg Donors Wanted’ boasting big payouts for helping families. But what really goes into being a professional chicken? Here’s my egg donation review!


So which side hustle do you think is for you? OR do you have an interesting side hustle and want to tell us about it? Tell us down below!


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