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Today we’re changing it up a bit. I don’t do a ton of personal posts on Funding22 besides goal setting, birthday stuff, and some schooling posts. (If you’d like that to change let me know down below!) But today we’re talking about a challenge that I recently completed that is accurately named…the 75 Hard Challenge. It is a mix of a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge, so if that’s something that interests you, keep reading!


Now first things first, this is a holistic challenge for your entire mind, body and soul. I first heard about the challenge via Instagram and was intrigued because to put it frankly, I needed all of me to be whipped into shape! Andy Frisella is a super accomplished business person, marketer, and generally in great shape. His podcast toes the line between bro-science, a Joe Rogan-esque experience, and a new age witchy women idea. Blending no nonsense ideas on self improvement, manifestation tips, and how to come to terms with yourself and the world around you.

Anyway, enough with the free promo. He set forth a challenge, that you can listen to below, that he believed few people would accomplish. To be fair…it took me three tries before I finally got it done. Take a listen for yourself before we dive into my experience!



The 75 Hard Challenge: Aka 75 Days of the following

  • Follow *A Diet– I like this rule because it’s a bit ambiguous. He doesn’t tell you what exactly to follow, just to pick something that’s healthy (duh), that you can stick to and hopefully includes whole foods. I did an “If It Fits Your Macros” (IIFYM) type diet where I just stuck to my caloric allotment as a total, and then the three food groups for carbs, fats and protein. I wasn’t super strict with the macros, more just the total calorie amount. I had had some conflicting reports on how many calories I should be eating so I ate in a small range that was in a calorie deficit. And you don’t have to talk to a doctor about your diet plan-but I did. Mainly because I have had  host of hormone issues the last two years so I was working around those!
  • (2) 45 Minute Workouts-One Must Be Outside– Get that heart beating! I loved that one of these had to be outside, even in the summer with it’s scorching 110+ degree heat I think it did my body good to get outside. I usually paired dance videos, full body workout videos, walking/jogging, and light weights for my workouts. I even bought a treadmill for my apartment patio! Most people follow the ‘it has to get your heart pumping’ rule for workouts so I saw yoga, walking and pilates being favorites of those in the community, that needed low impact workouts. I often did yoga in addition to my two workouts, but not everyday and it didn’t count towards my two workouts.
  • No Alcohol or Cheat Meals-I didn’t have a super strict diet so I think this was easier for me then some people. I never binged nor had a ‘cheat’ meal and every day I either stayed in my big calorie deficit, or at maintenance calories, so I’m pretty proud of that!
  • One Progress Picture a Day– This rule is why I failed one of my attempts before. Somehow the smallest thing is the most challenging! It’s also the one outsiders have the hardest time coming to terms with. Why should you ‘fail’ for forgetting a picture? Because it’s a holistic challenge about making a new you, not just a physical vessel. And I’m 100% here for this being in the challenge. Often times the picture was upsetting for me, and truthfully my ‘after’ wasn’t as great as I wanted, but I could see the ups and downs along the way and I often jumped out of bed at night to make sure I did this, because I was committed!
  • 1 Gallon of Water-I cheated here. Whoops. In my defense I have a doctors note. Essentially I have some ummm health issues if drink too much water (over around 3/4 a gallon) a day. So I hit a 1/2 gallon each day and went above if I could or if I felt I needed it! There are tons of ways to calculate how much water a day you actually need, and many doctors cite the water content in the food your eating as well. So I do think you could morph this based on your own needs…but talk to a doctor and not me.
  • 10 Pages of Reading (Non-Fiction, Audio Books Do Not Count)-I love reading, but definitely don’t do it enough. So when I saw this was part of the 75 Hard Challenge I was super excited! I have/had so many books sitting in my Kindle app just waiting to be read. I even started doing book reviews on my IG (Follow me @mar_riney to read them) I think 10 pages a day is a good amount even for the ‘non readers’ of the world and forcing you to read non fiction helps broaden your mind in this holistic challenge.


And remember….if you fail at even one of these on a certain day you start over at day one. 


My experience? It was fun, but it was definitely a challenge just as the name suggested. There were many days where I was squeezing in two workouts within a couple hours of each other because I woke up too late to workout before work. There were MORE days where I forced my boyfriend to go on a walk with me at his house to get my second workout in.

I bought a treadmill and put it on my patio. Honestly I got this apartment because of the extra large patio and I’m so glad I did! I was able to get an outdoor workout in at night when it was only 90-100 degrees without the fear of weirdos yelling at me or trying to run alongside of me. Running is generous…I’m more of a fast walker, jog for a few seconds and repeat kind of gal. But my overall time for a mile did get better during the challenge! So there’s proof that my body was changing in non-scale ways.

Working out was definitely the biggest hurdle, and the part I enjoyed the least. Eventually though I got in a rhythm and I had fun finding new videos on YouTube and using virtual resources only available during the pandemic. I definitely outgrew the small weight sets I have, just in time for the public gyms to open again!

I had a lot of fun planning my meals, and it retaught me my love for cooking. That paired with tons of books on topics I love, and honestly the 75 Hard Challenge reinforced the things I already loved and re-inforced some new good habits. It’s Nov 2nd as I’m writing this and I’m already planning my workout(s) for today. Yepp still on the two a days train because I ended up enjoying it that much!

The Stats:

You were looking for some before and after pictures weren’t you? Welp I won’t be publishing those! Mainly because I’m a pretty private person, and because the 75 Hard Challenge is more about what’s going on inside you, both mind and body. And because I was hoping to have a bigger difference. But along the way I came to terms with the fact that not everyone is going to take away the same things from this challenge, some get huge weight differences, some get a better understanding of themselves, some people take away good habits. I’m somewhere in the middle after completing the 75 Hard Challenge, and I’m okay with that!

So we’ve got

  • -12 pounds
  • -5 inches on my waist (that’s pretty cool!)
  • A better mile time
  • 12 Books read (which is over one book per week!)
  • Better conversations with my boyfriend by making him take a 45 minute walk with me 1-2 times per week.
  • A small, but noticeable difference in my before and after picture.


Should You Try the 75 Hard Challenge?

The answer is easy-absolutely yes. There were plenty of days where I didn’t want to get up and do my final task, but my determination (code for stubbornness) kicked in and I loathed the idea of having to restart. That grit is really what the challenge is about. The weight loss, water intake, book reading and diet are all great side effects really. Honestly, even if you fail one time and quit or fail nine times before getting all the way through, you will learn so much about yourself that you will come out a better person.


Do the 75 Hard Challenge. You can thank me later. 

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