25 Unique Holiday Blog Post Ideas

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

Can you believe it’s the holidays already?! I’m more than excited to celebrate (socially distanced of course), and kick this 2020 year to the curb! I know there are tons of lists about holiday blog posts, but I’m hoping these are a little different, or at least spark some creativity in you! Don’t forget that any holiday post can be customized to your religion, or lack of one. We here at F22 hope everyone has an amazing winter season!



  1. How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

  2. How to Celebrate the Holidays in a Socially Distanced Style

  3. Gift Guide under $100/$50/25

  4. Best of Black Friday Deals

  5. Holiday Outfit Ideas

  6. DIY Christmas Decor

  7. How to host the perfect virtual holiday party

  8. Your New Years Resoltuion (a personal favorite of mine!)

  9. Year in Review Post

  10. Favorite Holiday Movie List

  11. DIY Holiday Gifts

  12. Holiday Gift Ideas for _____ Person (Boyfriend, Mom, Teacher etc!)

  13. Holiday Cocktail Recipes

  14. Best Covid19 Friendly Holiday Spots (drive through lights anyone?!)

  15. Unique Holiday Traditions

  16. How to Beat Seasonal Sadness/Depression

  17. Goal Setting Tactics and Tips for the New Year

  18. Best Board Games for the Holiday Season (extra points if you can play them via FaceTime or Zoom!)

  19. Your Personal Gift Wish List

  20. Favorite Books to Read During the Holidays

  21. The Anti-Holiday Blog Post….Talk about anything besides the holidays! Be it, things you hate about the holidays, cleaning rituals etc. Some people are bound to be sick of all the themed content put out this season!

  22. Stress Management Techniques

  23. Tips and Tricks for Exercising Outdoors When It’s Cold!

  24. How to Prepare for Tax Season

  25. Things to Grab *after* the Holidays (Because they’ll be on sale!)


Hopefully this list helped or at least got those creative juices flowing! If you have any other ideas let us know down below!

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