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So you’ve read my past to blog posts on ‘New Collar Workers’ and you’re intrigued. You want to get started. You want to change your life, or just your year. You, my friend, have come to the right place! In addition to my ‘job opportunities round up’ blog post I publish every Monday, I’ve compiled a list of jobs and sectors that are hiring right now for new collar workers like you! The only thing standing in your way? Yourself! So get started and start applying!

Before I jump into jobs and industries, here’s a 90 second recap of what a New Collar Worker is. Esentially a New Collar worker is someone that works in an industry or a position where they do not have ‘traditional’ schooling in the information. Think an IT professional that learned the tricks of the trade by helping his college professors trouble shoot issues on their laptop. Or perhaps a copywriter that gained a portfolio from volunteering to write about topics they love. Neither went to school for their trade, but they have experience from life, and bring valuable insight from other industries they may have worked in!


Make sense? If not check out my ‘What is a New Collar Worker’ post and my ‘New Collar Resources‘ post to get ya up to speed!


Web Designer

When I think of a New Collar Worker, I immediately think of a web designer/website coder. Now many people who end up with this job start out as freelancers and are picked up by companies later on as in house designers. This is great if you’re not sure you want to be a designer, as you can learn the skills at your own pace! There are so many coding languages and website platforms now a days, that even if you don’t end up being a New Collar Web Designer, you can surely use those skills in related IT, coding, or graphic design positions.

If you’re looking to pick up some new design skills I recommend basic coding on places like YouTube or Udemy. Also a self taught solid foundation of design can’t hurt! This can be found for free at your public library, or again online at YouTube and continued learning websites. Website design services can go anywhere form $500 for a site all the way up to $15,000 depending on your skill and portfolio!


In Home Care Giver

Do you love people and have a nurturing spirit but can’t imagine being in school for 4+ years to practice medicine? Being a care giver may be for you. Now full disclosure, anyone in a care giver position needs to have basic first aide and CPR training as well finger printing done. You may need more certifications depending on your state and country, but non of these fall under the ‘traditional schooling’ requirement for non new collar jobs.

Care givers often help patients either in house or in a facility with every day tasks. This can mean helping them bathe, helping them eat, or helping them with fun activities as chores! Often times care giver develop deep bonds with long term patients and feel like family. The best part is there are many different positions available in this industry, so you can specialize based on who you connect with the most. Pediatric care, special needs, and geriatric are all hiring right now! Also, many facilities need people willing to work different shifts, so if you’re in school, or have a hectic schedule, this is a perfect option.


IT Specialist

Second to Web Designers, technology is the place New Collar Workers flock to. Why? Well a lot of the technology we use today was once invented by a new collar worker! Relatively speaking computer, the internet, and the resources we use for both are relatively new. At one point, anyone working with them was a newbie! This leaves a lot of room for new collar workers to come into positions with self learned skills and flourish. You can also draw inspiration from any past positions you’ve had to make yourself stand out.

Luckily, since the IT world is more open to non traditionally schooled people, you have a lot of options for training yourself. Some places will offer fellowship or apprenticeship positions where you learn while doing, or you can teach yourself via continued learning options online. Also, many people simply pick up IT skills as they go in their non-tech jobs and end just making the jump over eventually! That’s what my mom did! Originally she worked in pathology dissecting cancer biopsies. Now? She’s a DBA for a huge company! All with no formal training.


Social Media Manager/Marketing

Marketing and social media are industries you probably have experience in and have no idea. Planned a fund raiser event? Boom, marketing. Posted online to talk about a sale your company is doing? Boom, social media. Now there is a huge difference between doing small events on the side and forming a fully functioning social media or marketing strategy, but even small things will get you in the door! There is SO MUCH information on both of these topics online it’s insane. I actually started as a Graphic Designer in school and just picked up skills along the way. Now I freelance with my marketing skills! If it’s something you’re really passionate about, volunteering for additional marketing skills are your current job is a great way to get experience. Another way to build your portfolio is to volunteer for a small company, or build your own following to act as a case study. This paired with reading related books and taking free courses will get you up to speed in no time.


Private Investigator

I wanted to make sure this list had some options for people who aren’t a huge fan of working on a computer all day. While being a PI means some computer work, it also requires a sharp mind, staying in shape and understanding of the legal system. This is a great option for someone that has military, security or law enforcement experience but wants a change of scenery. While many positions require a 2 or 4 year degree to get into the PI field, some programs work on an apprenticeship method. This means even if you don’t have a background in a related field that you can become a PI and help stop crime. I’ve even heard True Crime cases where friends and family of a deceased person will go through the steps to become a private investigator just so they can help with the case! So while a clear background check and a GED/Highschool diploma are required, advanced school isn’t necessarily required meaning you can be on your way to a new fulfilling career in a short time! If you’d like more information check out this link!


Which of these New Collar Worker Jobs speak to you? Are you a new collar worker? Let me know down below how you got your job! 

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