6 Ways to make $500 Fast!

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Who couldn’t use an extra $500? That can be a car payment or a fun shopping experience! We do a lot of posts on Funding22 about creating a side hustle, business or setting up a long term commitment, but sometimes you just need a fast fix! Here are 6 ways to make $500!






Sell Things You Don’t Need

Chances are you have some stuff you don’t need, whether that be electronics, clothes or furniture. Take inventory of anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months and consider selling it! Apps and websites like Poshmark or Craigslist let you post items for sale for free, and you can easily sell a bunch of stuff in a short period of time.


Open up a New Debit/Credit Card

A number of banks will run specials where, given you have good credit, you can get a bonus or signing up for one of their cards. Now obviously I don’t recommend you do this every month, but if you were planning on signing up for one anyway, might as well make it count… right?


Deliver Food

I’ve talked about Postmates and similar freelance delivery apps before, but they are a good way to make some money quickly if you have free time. You have to wait for your background check, but after that you can make as much money, as you have free time to put into it! You do have to consider overhead for gas and maitanace but you can put on your favorite music while you work! Also, many of these companies give $150+ bonuses if you use a referral code for the referrer and the referee (I’m hoping those are real words!) So you can get to that $500 faster!


Upload Your Receipts

Ibotta is an app that gives you money back for uploading a picture of your receipt at certain stores. So, if you’re already doing your shopping and don’t mind sharing your list with big brother for data reasons, this is a great way to make cash with little effort! They offer both straight cash back on certain items, or a % from certain stores.


Be a Science Experiment

So this is the most extreme way to make money in my opinion. Back before I signed up to be an egg donor, I saw ads about signing up for medical studies. Now these are some big payouts, but they often require many visits, some over night. An example would be $9,000 for a hair growth pill, but it requires one four night stay and 12 short visits over the span on 3 months. So if you have some time to devote and don’t mind side effects, this could be for you!


Be In a Focus Group

Kind of like the above tip, but less extreme, is being in a focus group. Instead of putting your body on the line, you can just share your opinions. Being in a focus group means you share your opinions on advertising, products, political ideas etc and are paid for your time. You are often vetted beforehand based on demographics and pre-existing beliefs, so getting into one may sound easier than it is. These can pay anywhere from 25-500 dollars and usually are 1 or 2 day events.




So which quick , cash grab sounds like the most fun to you? I think I want to try being in a medical study just to say I’ve done it! And the pay isn’t bad either!

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