8 Things I’ve Done To Make Extra Money

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Post college life (if you went or any time in your 20’s) can be a whirlwind of new experiences, and really low lows. So many of our peers are in different areas of life, and no one really knows what’s going on. I’ve gone from living in a one room casita with no kitchen or cooking appliances, to applying for a mortgage in less than two years. But then I ended up in an apartment, so that definitely a millennial style life pivot! The point is, there is no real way to ‘correctly’ live our lives, and those old social norms don’t really apply anymore! I’ve done so many things to make ends meet it’s insane. They won’t be for everyone, but here is a sample of things I’ve done to make extra money. Hopefully they can help you afford groceries, or act as souvenir money on your next vacation!


1. Sold My Eggs

They say ‘donate’ but in reality it’s just selling them. I do the shots, go to the appointments, give you my eggs, and then receive money. So definitely selling. But I get to help people make a family, and its relatively low workload for money. Make sure you do your research, or read my blog post on my experience before you dive into this! (And don’t worry folks, there’s always the opposite available for our male readers! Sperm donation (selling) is very popular, and a lot less painful!)


2. Delivered Food

Gone are the days where the only food delivery jobs involve pizza. I delivered for Postmates, but there are so many food delivery apps right now you can pick and choose which to work for. Depending on your vehicle and city, you can make some good money while listening to some tunes.


3. I Sold Extra Clothes

I’m not great at this one, mainly because most of my clothes are thrifted to begin with. I love the thrill of the hunt going through racks at Goodwill, just waiting for that diamond in the rough to jump out at you! But I digress, there are tons of consignment shops in big cities like Phoenix. Most of them are willing to pay money for clothes in good shape that go with the season. So make sure you take in your Parkas in during the fall, not during the spring! If you’re Marie Kondo-ing your closet, this could be a good way to get a ROI on your past fashion choices.


4. I’ve Given Blood/Plasma

I’ll admit this was probably the most stressful ‘side hustle’ I’ve done. There were so many people in my blood donation location that my introverted self was freaking out a bit. Yes, you can (and should) just donate blood to help people, but I was super poor and needed to buy ramen and gas for a month. That $50 was looking really good and I had blood to spare. If you need cash RIGHT NOW and don’t mind needles, this may be the thing for you.


5. I’ve Painted Things

This may sound vague, but I paint a lot! So when people need a wall painted, a guitar, a picture….whatever. I’m your girl! I have a hard time getting the ‘market rate’ for this talent, because everyone seems to have a cousin that will do it for cheaper. *eyeroll* But during college painting was a way for me to get money for books, party supplies or a car payment. If you have a talent that people need, make sure you tell everyone that you’re open for commissions! A random Facebook post got me some of my biggest commissions.


6. I was a “Checker” for a Movie Franchise

This is a weird fact, but Harkins Movie theatres (and many others) employee people to go to movies, buy food, and report back about things. It’s basically being a secret shopper, but you get free movies! I will say never paying for movies was great, but there was definitely a lot of work involved. You would watch a movie, take notes on the experience and then fill out a form for about 30 minutes afterwards. Even now I can tell when a ‘checker’ is near me, and I know what they’re looking for! I also always memorize who took my food order because that was something we needed to report back on!


7. I Took Surveys

I’ve tried just about every survey site out there that claims to pay you to sit on your couch. There are some good ones and some bad ones! (More on that in another blog post) Even the good ones pay pennies on the dollar, so I would recommend trying out some other things before you resort to hours online looking at surveys!


8. I Did Odd Jobs

Every once in awhile you see *help wanted* posts on Facebook if you’re involved in a community Facebook page. I sometimes volunteer for these errands. Obviously the tasks and pay vary greatly, but it usually helps make ends meet and people are flexible when tasks need to be done! I’ve organized antiques, raked leaves and been a pet-sitter!


So what “weird” errands or tasks have you done to make extra money? Random wind falls can either make your monthly bills a lighter weight to bear, or just act as fun money you can invest or go out to dinner with! No one is in your shoes, so don’t let anyone judge you for having a side hustle (or a couple!) And these 8 things are just things I did occasionally, not even taking into consideration being a freelancer, or one off freelance projects I’ve done like Social Media Management or Website design!

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