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I recently put up a post about New Collar Workers. It’s safe to say after the initial deep dive that I did, I’m obsessed. If you don’t know what a New Collar worker is, it’s basically someone who has learned a new set of skills in a different way than attending a traditional educational institution. IE they didn’t go to college or tradeschool for it. If you want to learn more check out my original blog post on it here!

But just the fact that a mogul like IBM is taking notice and making changes in their workflows to welcome New Collar workers is insane and I’m so excited! Because lets face it….new collar worker is just a colloquial synonym for freelancer! Sure the payment/taxes is different, but the idea of being self taught and welcomed into the workforce as an equal…that’s a great sign for the future.

So if you’d like to ride this New Collar worker wave with me, I’ve compiled some resources to help you get started!

Now since this movement is relatively new, it’s still in a transitional phase. Not all of these resources are specifically for people trying to learn new skills or branch out into a new industry, but they can translate well and help you get the job of your dreams! Additionally, if you’re a freelancer or just someone looking to pick up a new side hustle, these may also be of help to you!


General Info! These are some links on current articles about New Collar workers besides what I’ve already wrote. This can help you better develop your mental framework of what hiring managers are looking for, what the industry expects, and where the bottom line is for new hires right now.


Forbes-“New-Collar Workers- Who Are They And How Are They Contributing To Our Labor Shortage?

Industry Week- “New Collar Workforce” 

IBM- “What is New Collar?”

Tallo- “Rise of the New Collar Worker”

ABC 15- “Companies Looking to Fill New Collar Worker Jobs”


Great! Now that we’ve set the groundwork and you understand exactly what a New Collar Worker is and why we need them…on to the resources! The hardest part of starting any type of ‘alternative’ type of employment is getting started. That’s really why I started this entire blog. I didn’t want anyone else to have to jump around trying to compile everything they needed to get started. I just wanted it all in one place! So we’ll cover places to gain new skills, how to present those skills to hiring managers, and how to find people who understand your struggle! If you have any additional questions or comments drop them down below! We can all share our resources and get ahead! As I like to say….success is not a finite resource.


Websites for Certifications and Classes

Google Digital Garage Google is a great resource for a bunch of classes themselves. They offer courses on a ton of topics, and often these classes come with badges you can display on your LinkedIn account or resume.

Udemy/SkillShare Oh what a sweet sonnet I could write for thee Udemy, but alas I won’t because this is a blog and I don’t think sonnets do well for SEO. BUT knowledge sharing is so big right now, especially on websites like Udemy or Skillshare. For a small fee either monthly, or per class you could learn….basically anything. Some of these also offer certifications or credentials, but even if they don’t you can pick and choose what topics you want to learn, which will help shape your career into something you truly enjoy.

Hubspot Another biggie for online learning and certifications. Hubspot is mainly for those trying to learn digital marketing, but I really enjoyed their learning platform. These certifications are also free, which makes it a great starting place for those of us short on cash, or younger! I myself have four certifications from Hubspot and they’ve almost always been praised in interviews!

LinkedIn Learning Did you know that LinkedIn also has a learning platform? You can pick different topics and learn at your own pace. It is a paid subscription, but it offers certifications of completion and connects straight to your LinkedIn profile. Need help pimping out your LinkedIn profile? Don’t worry we’ll cover that later!

IT Certifications IT and Tech are some of the leading sectors for New Collar Workers! Here is a great round up of places to get certifications and skills I haven’t already mentioned.

Also, last but not least, don’t forget about your local community college! While technically New Collar Workers don’t get degrees, you can still utilize one off classes to help your career. Right now the classes will likely be online, but they may transfer in the fall. This option is great for people who want to either network or just have the help of a teacher.


Resume Tips

Have someone look over your resume and cover letter. BUT make sure this person is either a hiring manager, familiar with switching industries, or a new collar worker themselves. A lot of people who have worked in one industry all their lives don’t understand the intricate details that are necessary to make the switch. Can’t find anyone you know to look it over? Consider hiring someone off of Fiverr or something similar. It may be $30 now, but it could land you your dream job!

Key Words! More and more initial weeding of potential candidates is done by a computer, not a hiring manager or a recruiter. Make sure to find a list of the most in demand programs and skills for your dream job and use those in your resume. When the computer searches for them, bam! your resume will qualify and be sent to be read by an actual human. Lots of people pride themselves on being able to phrase even the most ‘menial’ tasks as something great on their resume, but frankly that doesn’t matter. In the world of being a New Collar Worker, having the cold hard skills to offset your lack of ‘traditional education’ is what matters. Use the words their looking for!

LinkedIn- Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized. The biggest mistake I see freelancers and New Collar Workers making is showcasing all of their old work, regardless of the industry. This puts you at a disadvantage in many ways. SEO rules the web and if you’re only listing your old skills in your old industry, that’s all you’ll ever be known for. Make sure to showcase all the new skills and certifications you’ve gotten recently in your new industry. Also, go back and re-write the summaries for your old jobs. Sure, they may be in totally differen’t industries, but you can write them so someone from the outside can see the parallels. You used to be a veterinarian tech? Great! They are amazing at dealing with stressful situations, multitasking, remembering complex procedures, and following strict protocols. These skills can directly translate to tons of jobs such as healthcare coding, social workers, executive assistants, and database coding.  Make sure to use key phrases so that the search engine focuses on those, instead of the title of your past positions.


Finding Positions

Indeed- I wrote a blog post all about using Indeed as a freelancer, and most of those tips apply for New Collar Workers as well. Just because you don’t fit the traditional worker mold doesn’t mean you can’t utilize their job listing resources. Make your resume and cover letter represent the skills you have that align with the job you want and get hunting!

Job boards! Luckily, New Collar Workers are able to apply for both freelancing positions as well as normal W2 jobs. This means you can use any number of job boards in your search. Since you’ve optimized your resume and cover letter, you should be able to easily find jobs that sound interesting to you and need someone with your skill set! Here are some great job boards that I use myself, hopefully they can’t help jump start your search!

Make sure to enable searching on you resume as well! Most job board websites will give you the option to make your information searchable or not. Make sure you allow this! For one, if you don’t all that SEO work and keyword research was for nothing, and two, this allows more recruiters to find you! Fun fact, the current W2 job I have right now, I  never applied for it! Their in-house recruiter found me and it happened to be a perfect match!

Last but not least, post about your job search! I’m talking on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Instagram and TikTok…everywhere! You never know where a COO, recruiter or headhunter is sitting and may happen upon you! Your friends may know someone looking for an employee with your skill set, but if you never say “Hey guys I’m looking for a job in XYZ industry, and I have skills in the ABC programs” they would never know to recommend you!


Finding Like Minded People

Here is my post about finding like minded freelancers and bloggers! Lucky for you a lot of those tips translate to New Collar Workers as well. Other ways of networking and finding people to understand your struggle are Facebook groups, the MeetUp app, online forums, and through headhunters! Just ask them if they know anyone in the same boat as you. Sometimes you’ll find your dream job through someone else! The more we help each-other the stronger our community grows!



So! Hopefully that helps you start your journey into a new industry! Drop any questions, comments, concerns, or resources of your own down below! Look out for a second installment as well!

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