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In the era of ‘instagram models’ more and more people (of all genders!) are trying their hand at making money online by posing for pictures. People do it for all sorts of reasons; self empowerment, artistic expression, networking, and purely financial reasons. But where really are the best places to network, make money and have fun doing it all at the same time? Welcome GingerSmokes, an alternative model working independently, as well as with the infamous Suicide Girls and OnlyFans!




You can find GingerSmokes and her beautiful pictures at these places! (Don’t forget to tell her I sent ya!)



Tell us about yourself!

I am 22 years old, and have been at my job since I was 16. I’m naturally a ginger, hence my name gingersmokes. I smoke a looooot of weed, and in my free time I like to read a lot. I’m a pretty boring person!


What is your side hustle?

So for me, modeling IS my side hustle! I only model on the side, and I work full time at a Dairy Queen. I have an Instagram account where I post my work, as well as an Only Fans account.


How did you get into modeling?

I got into modeling about a year ago now, and I honestly applied for Suicide Girls as a joke, not believing they’d accept me. When they did, I went and set up my first photoshoot ever, a Suicide Girls set, nonetheless! I was pretty nervous at first but I ended up loving it, and I signed up for a couple more events before making the decision to really try to get into modeling.


What did your friends/family say when you started as an Only Fans model?

My parents were really excited for me for gaining confidence, as well as being able to make friends. They weren’t thrilled when they found out I was a nude model, but they still accept it. My extended family only knows of my “non-risque” modeling, but they love it. My friends love all of my photos!




What is your creative process like?

I have 2 separate types. For concepts, I’ll try to figure out what I want to say, and then go from there, trying to plan a location, outfit, etc. The other type of planning isn’t so much planning, as much as I would put on an outfit, go drive around with a friend, and we’d stop and shoot wherever we could.


What is your favorite part about being an Only Fans model?

I have made a lot of friends, as well as met a lot of people who I’ve looked up to for a long time, so that’s my favorite part.


If someone wanted to start your side hustle, what would you tell them?

My biggest thing is always safety. Make sure you bring a buddy to ANY one on one shoots with people you aren’t 100% comfortable with. Also, stand your ground. If someone wants you to do something you don’t want to, or didn’t plan on, don’t give in to it “for the pic”, it’s not worth it in the long run.


When did this side hustle become lucrative for you? If applicable, how long did it take to reach a part time or full time job monetary amount?

I’m currently at a point where I would consider myself part time. I only just started to make a decent amount in the past month, so it took me about a year. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it is a lot of work.


What are your biggest expenses?

My biggest expenses lately have been mainly buying studio equipment. I’ve been working to turn one of the rooms at my house into a studio.


What is networking like in this side hustle?


SO MUCH. You NEED to network, and I spend just about every minute I’m not busy networking in some way, whether it’s following new people, sharing others, or just liking photos.


Since Only Fans is in the ‘sex work’ world, do you face any stigmas? What are some negative things people say to you? And how do you respond?

I personally haven’t had any issues with anyone close to me or my job. I did have a friend send my parents a couple of my nude photos before they knew I was a nude model, and that caused some issues at first, but we worked it out. I haven’t faced any problems at work, or in my community.


Tell us your thoughts on empowerment and the type of work you do!

I truly believe that modeling is a HUGE way to empower yourself and others, I struggled a lot with self confidence before getting into this industry, and yes, I still do of course, but its not nearly as bad for me.


As a model do you find your work helps or hurts your self esteem?

Helps! Definitely modeling helps me feel so much more confident in myself


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