I Finished My Masters!

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

I graduated! If we go back many months, you’ll remember I posted a blog post all about my program and how the competency based schooling works. If you missed it you can hop over here to read it! But I’m excited to say after about 7 months I have earned an MBA with concentration in IT Management. It wasn’t easy, and honestly many times I felt alone, but I’m excited to see how this helps me in my professional life moving forward. We all know I love some goal setting and reflection on Funding22 so here are my *potential* next steps!



WGU was a great school, and their online interface was far superior to any other I’ve interacted with. Of course there were some things that I didn’t love, like a live proctor staring at me while I took my tests. But overall, I learned a lot and got to leverage my own personal skills and knowledge to really shape my experience in to what I wanted. Now, I accelerated my program a lot. A typical MBA program takes 2 years, with some people accelerating it to 1 year. So you can see why my counselor was a little hesitant when I said I wanted to do it one term.

But, if you’ll remember in my initial post about grad school, I accelerated my last year of undergrad. Taking 29 and 30 credits each semester respectfully. So when I was faced with the task to do it again….and get a major discount for it. I jumped at the opportunity.

So¬† my ability to be self motivated and follow deadlines definitely came in hand. The biggest issues? Well Covid-19 through a giant wrench in my plan, and accounting! I was decent at math and science in high school and college, mostly in classes 2-3 levels above my actual grade level….but let me tell you…none of the skills that I learned in those classes prepared me for accounting! For some reason the element of human mistakes and humans deciding where a value should be allocated just messed with my brain. So while some classes only took me 5 days, accounting accounted (ha!) for almost half of my time at WGU. I was also faced with Financial Management…which was basically just accounting with some marketing thrown in.

Also, because of the Pandemic, students couldn’t take a test for an entire month. Since the tests are all proctored, meaning someone is watching you, the company that WGU had to put services on hold for weeks so they could transfer their workforce to a remote system. I 100% want everyone to be safe, but the petty part of me was still a little salty that I couldn’t continue on the pace I had set my mind on, and that tiny pebble in the road really messed with my head. While I’m easily self-motivated, I’m also easy to deter from the path. This is something I definitively need to work on!


Going Forward!

You’d think that after six months of non-stop school during a global pandemic that I’d want a break right? Unfortunately no. If anything, being able to take such a big leap has encouraged me to keep going. I would love to teach at a college level, so that leaves me with two tasks. Get 18 hours of teaching classes under my belt, and/or get a PHD or PHD equivalent in a topic I love. So I have a current plan, which honestly has changed like three times in the past month. My plan is to get a MS in Instructional Design at WGU (again doing it in 6-7 months) and obtain my teaching credits that way. Then apply for a DBA program, which is the professional version of having a PHD in marketing. I’m leaning towards a concentration in data analytics. This will allow me to teach at a junior college and a state college, as well as move towards owning my own consulting company! I’ve saved so much time and money at WGU I want to keep the ball rolling.


So I hope this has inspired you to reach for your dreams! I often find the dreams that seem the hardest, are actually pretty manageable when you break them down into bite-sized pieces.

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