Side Hustle Review: Etsy Shop Owner

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

So many people are diving into hobbies, goals and just general projects right now as a means of coping with the pandemic. Besides giving you something to do I think this is a great way to find another side of yourself that you didn’t know about! So many people are more artistic than they ever thought possible. Take this time, if you’re able to, to dive into all the artsy ‘what ifs’ you’ve been thinking about! Don’t judge yourself and just enjoy the process.

Which leads me to my next point! Sometimes, when you really find your stride in an art, and really love it, it can be a lucrative side hustle! (and many people make it into a main hustle as well!) So the wonderful Gina, whom I actually went to school with!) has volunteered to talk about what all goes in to owning your own Etsy store!


What is your side hustle?

A little shop called Heart Eyes Clothing Co where I design, and create a line of graphic tees and handmade accessories for cool babes. I do all the marketing, packing, shipping, designing, and printing, and it’s so fun!



Etsy Shop! Heart Eyes Clothing Co.

Instagram! HeartEyesClothingCo


Tell us about yourself!

I’m Gina a 26 year old makeup artist turned mama, lover of all things colorful and creative. I have an amazing partner who I’m lucky enough to be married to, and I’ve been on a massive journey of learning to love myself, create as much art as possible and raise my tiny human! (side note from Mar; Isn’t this the cutest intro ever?!)



How did you get into it?

After I had my daughter I was really struggling with PPA and PPD, it was so difficult and confusing. I felt like I had no control over my emotions and I was losing myself so I wanted to create something that was all mine, an escape where I could go to create fun things for others and build a community. So with 0 experience and no idea what I was doing I created Heart Eyes, and its been such an amazing part of my life that I’m so grateful I dove into!


What did your friends/family say when you started your side hustle?

My husband was so encouraging and really helped me take the leap, without him I’m not sure if this would have happened! I might have let my fear rule me. My friends were also so encouraging and supportive it has been amazing.


What is your creative process like?

Lots of trial and error, I am constantly drawing mock ups and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes I throw it out there and just see how it goes and then revamp it awhile later. I play with lots of colors, and lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with hand dyeing the fabrics. I think so far that’s my favorite!



What’s your favorite part about the side hustle?

I get to be my own boss, and work while having dance parties with my daughter in the middle of the day I mean that’s pretty great. The amazing online community I’ve built of other small shop owners has also been so cool, many friendships have come from this!  Check out Heart Eyes on IG!


If someone wanted to start your side hustle, what would you tell them?

I’d so go for it! Start simple, and grow from there, reach out to others who are doing similar stuff online and build connections and ask for their advice. That helped me a ton and gave me a lot of reassurance.


How long did it take to reach a part time or full time job monetary amount?

Id say where I’m at right now is comparable to a part time job financially, which is amazing. Though with this its more unpredictable than a 9-5. Some weeks are super busy and some are a lot slower. I will say the last few months, probably like January 2020 is where I hot a place of having pretty consistent sales.





What are your biggest expenses?

At this point I’ve invested in machinery to help with the things that were my biggest expenses, so I could just do it myself . So I’d say the garments, and occasionally I have a company put my designs on the transfer sheets I press and those are a bit pricey.


What is networking like in this side hustle?

Networking is a huge part of this shop, I’ve built a lot of connections online and have felt so thankful that so many people want to share and wear my stuff!




If you’d like to purchase something from Gina’s shop hop on over here! (you bet your butt I already ordered my own decal!) Or Follow Heart Eyes on Instagram! 

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