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Hello Hello F22 crew!

If you’re a beginning freelancer it can feel overhwelming to get help. There’s just so much information on the internet these days. I know I sifted through thousands of articles and hundreds of blogs trying to find out how I could best showcase my abilities to get me work. I ended up finding my favorite content creators, all centered around freelance work, working for yourself and blogging. So I thought I would pay it forward A. in the form of this blog giving you all the information I wanted when I was starting! And B. by making this list. These lovely ladies are my top five freelancers that I turn to when I want to be inspired, need an answer to something, or just want to see what their latest life update is. Go on, get inspired!


Also; while all five of these freelancers are female, that was not intential. There are tons of male and non-bianary freelancers out there killing it! These are just my personal favorites. Go ahead and drop your favorites in the comments so we can all expand our circles!



Jorden over at

Jorden was one of the first people I found on my freelancing journey. And that’s probably because she’s the queen of being everywhere on pinterest. She has a great ‘freelance origin story’, but I’ll let you pop over and find that out for yourself! Her free content is amazing, and the paid content is even better. She single handedly helped me revamp my LinkedIn account, allowing me to showcase my authority in certain niches and help me land a number of jobs-including the one I have right now! If you don’t know where to start, and want to be a freelancer or freelance copywriter, Creative Revolt is the place to start!



Making Sense of Cents

Is it really a blog about freelancing or making money online if you don’t include Making Sense of Cents? Their story is BEYOND inspiring! The blog started off detailing how the couple made extra money each month and paid off their debt. Fast forward and they are publishing six figure blog income reports! If you’ve ever wanted to know how bloggers make money, or wanted to try your hand at it, then this is the blog for you. They also have tons of informational posts about how you can create your own side hustle, both on the web and in person. So there’s a little something for everyone.



Latasha James

Latasha is all of my goals. While she has a podcast, her YouTube videos are really what I resonate with. She talk about all the nitty-gritty issues a freelancer runs into, like sending invoices, working alone and finding new clients. I love her style and she’s perfectly candid about everything, while also giving tips and tricks that freelancers of every niche can use. She definitely has inspired me to start my own podcast and YouTube channel. I mean…that’s the millennial holy trinity so why not right?!



Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa is one of the freelancing and blogging niche OG’s. As a designer, her color palette for her blog makes me super happy, but her tips and tricks also have helped me on my blogging journey. In fact, she helped me get to over 15k viewers per month on my old blog before I retired it! You can check that out here. So if your side hustle of choice is blogging, then her free content and paid courses should be the first stop on your journey!



Cathrin Manning

First things first…..Cathrin is the absolute cutest. She has grown her YouTube channel immensely in such a short amount of time! I subscribed around the 15 thousand subscriber mark and now she’s well over 128k! Isn’t that amazing? While she chats about a lot of freelancing, blogging and side hustle content, her real bread and butter is teaching your how to set up your YouTube account and a sprinkle of Pinterest tips. She’s breaks everything down into bite-size pieces that are manageable even for a complete beginner. Also; I love her garden content on her IG account, but that’s just because I’m a secret plant lady. Any relate? 



So those are my top 5 freelancers and bloggers that I turn to when I need to be inspired! Who are your top five? What do you love about them? Let us know down below!

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