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Are you a seasoned blogger that’s been around for awhile? Looking to refresh your old content to make it for effective? I got chu! The world of SEO is constantly changing, meaning your content has to change too. That being said redoing all your old posts can take a ton of time, and it’s kind of tedious. Here are some tips and tricks to make a big impact with less work. Work smarter not harder!


Running out of content ideas and want a fast way to bring more attention to your blog? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) updating old content can be a game-changer when you face writer’s block. Google Analytics will be your new best friend (and free) in this quest to recycle and reinvent old posts. Google Analytics (GA) has captured all your site data and crucial details about old content. Analyzing old blog posts is essential for updating them. The higher your post is listed on Google, the better Click Through Rate (CTR). So when choosing old posts to be updated, keep in mind the CTR to get higher in the ranks. Visit the Behavior section to view site content data. Sort by month and filter posts by CTR. This is the first step to updating old blog posts. You most likely have a large body of content that have less received less attention then hoped and won’t come up with high CTRs. Maybe they were posted in the middle of the night or they lack clickbait, but in any case, there are tricks to quickly improve SEO on old posts.





Change Date of posts

Get your old post to the top of Google search by updating the date. This simple trick can place your post higher when searched and improve your click-through rate. It is suggested to also rewrite the heading or description to appeal to new users and garner more attention. This is your opportunity to revamp old posts!


Update Content

In addition to updating the date, it is also advised to make sure the content is updated and followed up. For example, if the blog post is about a news subject or an event, adding an update will reinforce your credibility and show the reader you check the facts. The world is constantly changing and your posts should too!


Add Multimedia

If your post is looking a bit bare, glam it up with multimedia to draw attention and spark interest. Blog posts with more multimedia gain more attention. By using new images to revamp your old blog posts, you can improve your search ranking and stand out with beautiful graphics and videos. Try using Unsplash to find cool images to add to your blog post (without worrying about copyright infringement). There are so many open-source multimedia options that make updating your blog post easy and streamlined.


Optimize Keywords

Take a hard look at your old keywords. Are they still relevant or can they be updated and improved? The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to identify top-performing keywords with the “Get Ideas” feature. You will then be able to see “Avg. monthly searches” and can filter to see the most popular features and keywords. If you have updated your blog content, you should also update new keywords. There are many ways to find trending keywords online depending on your content themes.


Re-share Content

Share share share! Post old blogs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any social media platform you have. Adapt the content to fit the needs of each audience and tell your friends to also share your posts. It’s okay to be that person if you are promoting your creativity! That is what social networks are for, sharing content! Attract new users while also attracting old users or people who may be completely unaware you have a thriving blog. You can also send direct links to friends and family to increase clicks automatically.

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