The Best Jobs for Outdoor Lovers

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Do you love the outdoors? Love the ocean or the forest, or just in general being in nature? Then good news! There are a ton of jobs that let you do just that! And don’t worry, you don’t need to don flannel or carry a hatchet for (all) of them. So indulge your inner lumberjack and decide if number #6 is enough nature time for you!




6 Jobs That are Perfect if You Love the Outdoors


Park Ranger

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than to be a ranger in one of the 417 national parks in the US? Park rangers handle law enforcement, responding to injuries, and provide information to guests while maintaining the beautiful parks and sites all over the country!


Landscape Architect

Imagine creating your own vision for local parks, homes, or businesses. Some of this job is drawing up the plans in the office, but you get to be on site and watch your creation come to life.


Wildlife Biologist

Study the behaviors and traits of different animals on a day-to-day basis. You definitely wont be sitting at a desk because this job demands lots of time collecting data on animals in their natural habitat.


Tour Guide 

Help travelers from all over find amazing destinations. This is an entry level job that will get you familiar with exploring a diverse array of tourist attractions from national monuments to nature sites and many other interesting places.



Research human history and prehistory left behind well before our time. This position requires lots of fieldwork in different locations all over the world.  Many organizations are looking for studied Archaeologists to deploy in the field.


Commercial Diver

Go deep underwater in high-tech scuba equipment. You will be removing and installing structures, conducting experiments, and taking photos.  This is an entry level job that requires passing a diving physical and a high school diploma or equivalent.



So! Which is your favorite? I think if I could re-pick my career I would go with Commercial Diver, but that’s probably because of my unwavering love of shark week. Get paid to take pictures of amazing underwater animals and landscapes? Yes please!

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