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The world is crazy right now, I know, and it can be overwhelming even if your life has only changed a little bit. One great way to deal with the feeling of being out of control is excercise. Now it doesn’t have to be training for a marathon, or lifting dumbbells until you’re dripping in sweat-any form of movement you enjoy each day can really help lift the spirits! AND if you’re safe at home with family, or children, it can be a great way to bond with them and pick up a habit that will last longer than this virus! Here are some great resources for free or cheap workout routines and self development!



Yoga and/or Pilates are a great beginner friendly way to get active. For every move there is a more advanced, and more relaxed version you can do, making it perfectly adaptable for the entire family. You can follow along with countless YouTube classes and routines, or see if your local studio is doing online classes. By paying a small amount to them, you’re getting limber while also supporting a small business owner in these Covid-19 times.

Is it really a blog post that mentions Pilates without throwing a link in to Blogilates? Her upbeat personality, and positive reinforcement makes the short workouts fun and effective. If you’re looking for a more relaxing, yoga based workout then I recently did this video by MadFit about Yoga that helps with stress relief! I highly recommend.



If you live in an area that still lets you run outdoors then you’re in luck! Running is a highly effective workout that also gets you outdoors and outside your own head. A lot of people listen to their favorite music while running, but sometimes an additional motivator is needed. I’ve used Zombies, Run! Before and loved it! Not only is it free, it integrates with your music to weave a narrative a post apocalyptic world where Zombies are everywhere. You can pick up guns, talk to other characters and generally feel like you’re in the story line. It’s a great addition to any run or walk. If you’re a newbie a classic is the C25k program. This aims to help you run a 5k (3.1 miles) straight by working up in intervals. I have started this a couple times, but never finished it. Eek! But I plan to as the weather is so beautiful in Arizona right now. It’s a classic because if you stick with it….it really works!


Lifting Weights

If you already have weights in your back yard or on your balcony, you’re in luck! Follow countless workout videos from YouTube or jump on the P90x train for a great workout. If you don’t have any iron laying around you may have to get creative. Some stores are still shipping or offering curbside pickup, so do some research and see what’s available to you. You can also sub out some lower weights with things you have around your house. A gallon of water runs approximately 8 pounds so you can start there! Another great option is doing squats with kids or a chubby cat.¬†


Dance Dance!

Who doesn’t love the classic video game Dance Dance Revolution? I was never very good at it, even being a dancer, but I sure tried my hardest! If you have any fitness based video games, now is the time to bust those out! If you don’t choreographing¬† a dance with your friends and family (that live with you! Stay home and save lives) is a great bonding activity. If you’re not super creative there are a ton of fitness based dance videos out there. You can find them for free on YouTube, or contact your nearest studio and instructor to see if they are doing online classes for a fee! I did this video recently to Miley Cyrus’ song Mother’s Daughter and I had so much fun! You don’t even need that much room to do it.



But those are my favorite quarantine workouts right now! I hope you all are staying happy, active and healthy. Also consider paving out some time for meditation, art, music and bonding with other people. I myself and self-isolating alone so I know how hard it can be! We are incredibly lucky to be in a time where the internet exists and we can see the people we love without endangering each other. Consider giving back to your community and giving thanks to our front-line, essential employees!

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