A Beginners Guide to Digital Nomad Life


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Digital nomads are taking over the world, one coworking space and coffee shop at a time. It is normal to come across that young millennial who confesses their hatred for the 9-5 lifestyle and opts for a more independent career as a Digital Nomad. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the digital age where we have all the tools we need to build a solid career at our fingertips. What is a digital nomad and how do I become one?


What is a digital nomad?

With the rise of digital services and products, becoming a digital nomad is becoming easier and easier. We are no longer bound to one place or one job title which can be demonstrated by the digital nomad who wears many hats. A digital nomad is essentially a telecommunications specialist that uses technology to make a living. Most digital nomads work remotely from anywhere with a wifi connection and low cost of living. As a digital nomad, your laptop becomes your best friend and your most valuable colleague.


The Rise of Digital Nomadism

The trend of digital nomadism has gained traction among those who want to be location independent. People no longer want to be bound to one place or job and seek a life where they can work and live where they choose on their own time. Digital nomads can be found across the world in coworking spaces, coffee shops, libraries, and anywhere with a strong wifi connection. Many digital nomads end up in countries with lower costs of living where they are able to enjoy a balanced quality of life. Digital nomads are not the typical workaholics that live for their job and often retreat to countries with low living costs with high quality in life.


Mixing Business and Pleasure

At the core, digital nomads seek a life of adventure and new experiences. Most digital nomads seek to work in countries in Southeast Asia or Latin America for the low costs of living and a higher quality of life. Imagine working half the day and spending the rest of the day on the beach. Sounds nice, right? Many digital nomads are open-minded to the adventures of life and can be spectacular people to work with. They are resourceful, courageous, and innovative in their daily lives which improves their professional lives. Maybe it is because they work from the world’s most beautiful beaches, but digital nomads tend to be less stressed (unless they have to deal with foreign bureaucracies) which gets me to my next point…


Navigating Foreign Countries

Living and working in a foreign country has its ups and downs for a digital nomad. Digital nomads must navigate international health insurance, work visas, foreign languages, and adapt quickly to a life of solitude and constant cultural assimilation. While life may seem glamorous, many digital nomads can become lonely or isolated in new countries (which is a normal part of moving to any new place). If you are constantly moving from one country to the next, it might be harder to make a solid group of friends or create a stable life. But then again digital nomads are usually the types that seek a stationary stable life…


In Conclusion

However, the joys that a nomadic career can bring are many. For the anti nine to fivers with a knack for technology, a digital nomad career can offer more excitement and challenges. To get started as a digital nomad, I recommend gaining technical skills in web design, coding, graphic design, writing, social media, and digital marketing tools. There are many companies seeking remote workers to run digital marketing campaigns, create websites, and run social media accounts. There are endless opportunities to find freelance work on the internet if you are able to show your digital skills.

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