5 Tips for Work From Home Newbies

Hello Hello F22 Crew!


Can I get a big collective what the fuck for this year?

Seriously I’m not sure who we as humans pissed off, but we did a pretty good job of it.  BUT even amidst all of the chaos, there are some silver linings. Spring is here for the Northern hemisphere, people are coming together to support each other, and some of you get to try out remote working for the first time! Since co-working spaces are off limits right now, most of you will be working from home. This opens up so many new possibilities for you! Here are my top 5 tips to make the transition easier, and to get the most out of working from home.


1.Take a Damn Shower

Trust me, you will feel a thousand times better if you make sure to bathe everyday. It seems silly, but at the beginning of many people’s remote working journey they kind of let these things fall by the wayside. Also keep up your skincare routine (including sunscreen), and whatever general grooming things you usually do. Just because you’re not meeting new people everyday doesn’t mean you have permission to smell up the living room with your family. They will appreciate your effort to keep a semblance of normalcy!


2.Batch Your Time

If you’ve been around you’ll know I’m real big on batching my time. And the main reasons are that it keeps me focused, and it makes me more productive. Even with kids batching can be a useful tool. There are plenty of methods for this, but I prefer the 25 minutes of hard work, followed by 5 minutes of relaxation. You can also do this 10/5 or 55/5 depending on who else is isolated with you or the type of working you’re doing! Play around with it….you’ve got the time….and find what works best for you and your family. By focusing on a single task for a short time, you’ll be more motivated to finish it or at least make progress. Think of this way, running 100 meters really fast is usually less daunting than running 1 mile slowly. Do your best during your ‘On’ time and you’ll feel great at how much you can accomplish.


3.Keep Your Body Moving

I am 100% guilty of doing a day’s worth of work from my bed in my pajamas. So learn from my mistakes and get up, do something, and change your clothes (see tips number 1). That whole a body in motion stays in motion thing. But seriously, the world is amazing right now and so many content creators are putting out free resources for at home workouts, yoga, and games to play! Take advantage of that either before or after work. Get up, get the blood moving and actually earn your Netflix binge!


4. Communicate With Your Team

If you work in a team atmosphere usually, working from home can be a hard transition. Make sure everyone is aware of what needs to be done, and deadlines but let them have some freedom. They may be trying out a batching technique that’s different than yours! But humans operate really well when they are given general parameters to finish a project, but allowed to have some creativity in the way that they do it. Who cares if they want to make a spreadsheet by the pool at 1PM with a quarantine margarita? If the works is still good and gets done it shouldn’t matter. So just communicate what everyone needs, but don’t micromanage.


5. Keep Chatting With People!

If you’re an introvert like me, this whole staying inside and minimally interacting with people thing is pretty easy. However, your extrovert friends and coworkers are not having as much fun, and eventually your hermit tendencies will die off and you will want to see other humans. We are intrinsically pack animals, even if we find our pack-mates annoying. So replace lunch break chit chat with IMs, FaceTiming or Phone Calls. I’ve even taken to watching Netflix with my best friends after work, drinking wine and talking shit about the characters via FaceTime. While it’s not 100% a substitute, I enjoy it and I know it’s helping my extroverts.


So what tips do you have for work from home newbies? Let me know down below! And remember to look on the bright side. Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay…it’s not the end. 


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