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Working from home can be lonely, like hella lonely. Sure it sounds all fun and games from the outside, but then you blink and realize you haven’t brushed your teeth today or talked to a real person. Everyone deals with a transition to a more isolated profession differently, but eventually you will want to be around people that…just get it. Sure I can tell my boyfriend about my work, but it never really ads up to him having to work in a government run building in severity. So here are some tips and tricks to find other bloggers, freelancers, influencers or just other work from home professionals to make friends with!



Networking Events

I started going to networking events in 2018, and got more into it in 2019. It is hella awkard at first, but once you find an event that draws in people similar to you it can be a lot of fun! I recommend looking on Facebook or websites like Eventbrite to find events that are local to you. You can usually figure out what type of people and vibe there will be by the description, but I often convince a friend to come with me just in case. And as you know from my New Years Resolution post, making new friends is a big goal for me this year, so networking events are a must! If you’re looking for more nich specific meetups you can try the app…Meetup! I’ve seen some cool events for board games, 20s/30s singles, and yogis!


On Facebook Groups

I’m in what seems like a thousand Facebook groups, all geared towards blogging or living that #bossbabe life. Every once in awhile I see a post asking where everyone is from. I usually try and friend people that are close to me or at least strike up a conversation. The silver lining to this approach is that since you’re already in the same group, you know you have at least one or two things in common! Plus, social media lets you creep for some extra conversation ammo.


Via Instagram Hashtags

This is a great way to find friends, and followers! (Why not both!) Similar to the above tip, by creeping on hashtags you know you have something in common with the potential friend. They may not live close to you but sometimes just typing out about your day and having someone understand you is great therapy. You can get more specific with geography by turning things like #blogger into #phoenixblogger and find people near you! Hey, you may even get a photography buddy out of it!


In Other Influencers Crowds

I feel like the farther this list goes the more cringey the tips get. BUT I swear I’ve found some cool people this way. Say you LOVE an influencer or celebrity online, and they’re schtick is about empowerment, making money online, being a digital nomad etc. Well you can probably bet that the people that follow and comment on their social media are at least interested in those comments. Leave some awesome comments of your own on stuff YOU really like and you might just get a good convo going! It’s a great way to to make organic friends without having to put on real clothes and go to a networking event.



We use apps to get dates, why not friends? My go-to is Bumble Friends but there are others. Don’t worry, everyone on the apps knows it’s a little weird, but it’s part of the charm! State what you’re looking for and what your interests are and you might just find a cool person!


SO! How did you find your work friends if you work remotely or from home? Let us know down below!

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