50 Photo Ideas for Instagram!

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

Here is a light hearted (but helpful post!) for you today! A whopping 50 Instagram photo ideas to help you get keep your IG feed up and rolling after the holidays. I have a theme to my account, but you definitively don’t have to do that. Though you should follow me @mar_riney!  These ideas are a mix of places, food, niches and interests so hopefully there are a couple to spark that creative juice in you!





  1. A quote ( a personal favorite of mine)
  2. A selfie, duh.

  3. Teach us something! Via text, video or caption!

  4. Showcase a friend or fellow creator

  5. A #behindthescenes post of your latest side hustle!

  6. A throwback to your favorite vacation

  7. A throwback to a moment in childhood

  8. A before/after (of you or a project!)

  9. A #WIP aka a work in progress (again of you or a project!0

  10. A flatlay

  11. A ‘bag spill’

  12. Showcase a favorite product of yours

  13. Showcase your favorite outdoor spot lately

  14. Take a trip to someplace in your town deemed ‘instagrammable’ and do your spin on it!

  15. Airport selfie!

  16. Boomerang!

  17. Do a video just saying high, people love to connect via video! It shows them more about you than pictures can give alone.

  18. #OOTD

  19. #MOTD

  20. Gratitude List! Don’t forget to tag people so they will share theirs as well!

  21. Take a macro shot of something and tell a little story about it

  22. Show us your hidden talent!

  23. Do a sneak peak! Don’t show off the project completely! This gives you a chance to play with composition and filters to get people excited!

  24. Post a musical cover you’re loving, don’t forget to tag both artists!

  25. Food shot! Are you as surprised as I am that I waited this long to mention food? Yeah me too! You can make this multiple shots by including fun backgrounds, colors etc.

  26. A neon sign. Analytics say we humans love some neon signs….especially if they say some hipster shit.

  27. A couples shot! We’ll allow you one shot out of 50 of you two holding hands or smooching on a pier somewhere.

  28. Underwater shot

  29. Draw something. Even if you can’t really draw, everyone loves a good doodle and the story behind it

  30. Pet picture. Everyone loves a good fur child. Plus, think of all the hashtag possiblities!

  31. Show us how you take your coffee!

  32. What book are you reading?

  33. Show us your shoes for today! They tell a story about what you’re up to and how you treat your belongings. Are you rough and tumble as you explore the outdoors? Or a designer gal? Weird feet fetish people need not apply.

  34. Show us your gadgets. Whatever you use to create our IG feed or daily life. I’m sure tons of people have questions!

  35. Do a ‘whats in my bag’ post. While a ‘bag spill’ is all about product placement, a WIMB is all about the raw beauty of trash and products that end up in our purses. 

  36. Post your parents and what they taught you in life.

  37. #WCW or #MCM duh.

  38. Show us your night time or morning routine

  39. Take a picture with your favorite restaurants staff! They’ll appreciate the shoutout and fun!

  40. A roundup of monthly favorites. This is great because it works in whatever your niche is. Music? Makeup? Puppies? All check!

  41. Planner! If you’re a planner person you know we’re hella nosey and want to see exactly what you wrote down today.

  42. A fitness related post. Your workout, some inspo, whatever!

  43. A picture of the last polaroid you took!

  44. A collage! There are plenty of apps to make these with nowadays.

  45. A colored wall. A classic that will brighten any feed!

  46. Sunrise/Sunset and the story behind it. 

  47. A ‘Day in the Life’ series! IG Lets you upload up to 9 photos at a time, so use those to tell a story about your day!

  48. Take a skyline shot of your city

  49. Are you a #plantlady? Let me see those babies!

  50. Make some goals and let us hear/see them!



Well that’s all folks! Which ideas do you love? Which do you hate? I want to hear all about it!

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