My New Years Resolutions

Hello Hello F22 Crew!


It’s that time of year. The one where we lay our hearts out in the public eye and say want we want to improve about ourselves! Duh Duh DUHHHH! No, but really the new year can be scary for a lot of people. I personally love it, but that’s because I love goal setting to a point of being a masochist sometimes. BUT If you recently read my “How to Set New Years Resolutions” post, you should have your list all ready! So it’s only right that I share my list.

I actually put my goals in my planner so I can see them all year long. Here are my goals from last year, and how I did in accomplishing them!


2019 Resolutions


Stop Wearing Foundation-  I did this! I only wore foundation for a couple photoshoots. Every other day I wore some concealer under my eyes and that was it for complexion products. I felt like foundation was drawing attention to my acne scarring texture, and since I don’t have any discoloration from my scars I figured I should just stop wearing it then! JKissa on YouTube was a great example because she’s a real beauty guru that just says no to makeup.


Find a Meetup to Go to Regularly- I sort of did this? My friend group started going to a wine and board night somewhat regularly, and I love going! So I found a meetup, but I didn’t really meet any new people.


Go to More SCA Events ( a historical reenactment group I’m a part of)-Failed. I just didn’t make it a priority. Frankly I’m not sure I’m getting the satisfaction and fun out of this group that I used to, but that may just be a part of growing up.


Do One Thing Each Month that Scares You– This is harder to quantify, but I’m going to say I did really well! I may not have done something each month that ‘scared’ me, but I definitely did something each month that was new to me or pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Woo!



I also set a yearly ‘To Do” list, but those are more tangible things and less overall habits so I guess I’m not going to include them here? Though I am proud to admit I went on 2 vacations, set up a time to see my friend Melissa in Seattle, improve my credit score, got a passport, and legally started my own business! Those were all on my “To Do” list, but I didn’t finish everything. Oh well….on to 2020!



2020 New Years Resolutions!


Make One New Friend Each Month- That’s a whopping 12 new friends! I know I need to expand my friend group, mind and business networking. I did a bunch of groundwork for my businesses in 2019 so now it’s time to have fun with it! I’m hoping to find friends in all the areas of my life, but we will see what happens!


Explore the World More- I see you Australia and Cancun….and I’m coming for you! I’d like to add some in-country places as well but these are my big two outside the country for 2020.


Double My Income- Yeah this is a biggie, and probably why I’m not going to make any other resolutions. I already did awesome in 2019 for my first year freelancing, but 2020 I’m aiming for twice what I did this year. Seeing as I have a 9-5 and some clients already lined up I think it’s doable. A couple more clients and then pushing the things I’ve actually made (blog, youtube, book, dropshipping and hopefully a coaching course) should make this doable!



So let’s hear it! What are your 2020 goals? Do you divide up goals and to do lists like I do? Where do you want to adventure to this year?!

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