My 1 Year Freelancing & Blogging Anniversary

Hello Hello F22 Crew!

Wow a year has come and gone for and my freelancing career. So much has happened! I doubled my income from last year, I started a 9-5 (but kept freelancing!), I visited another country a few new states. I also found some amazing clients, donated my eggs a couple times, started a YouTube channel, which fufilled a ‘to do’ that has been left hanging for YEARS! And so much more. It’s been a wild ride and I’ve gotten to share my ramblings with so many people and hear their stories as well! But here are some things I’ve learned along the way, hopefully you can take something from this list!


Have a Separate Work Space

Weird one to start off with right? I didn’t get a desk until July of this year… Every work day (for myself of others) was done via laptop on my lap! I even had marks on all my jeans where the laptop had worn away at the fabric. Eek! But it really is important to make work/life separations wherever you can. Even if it’s just that you work in your living room on the couch, but not in your bed then so be it. I started creating a morning routine about making my bed, getting ready and eating to make this distinction as well.


Make Friends Who do What You do

Freelancing and/or working from home is LONELY! If you’re in the same boat make sure you make it a point to reach out to people with similar work styles. I even wrote a blog post on how to do this! No one will understand the pros/cons of your work life unless they have done something similar.


Talk About Your Work Often

Talking about your work (even to people who work 9-5) does two thing. 1. It reminds them about your freelance services and 2. Allows you to vent so you feel better, and they respect you. Yeah that last bit is weird but it’s true. I always felt like my job wasn’t ‘real enough’ even after I started working remotely for a high-end tech company, just because I did it with no pants on. This lead me to not talking about it and then getting frustrated when I couldn’t express myself about work. So don’t be me. Talk about it. Post about. Yell about it if you have to.


Set Aside Money for Taxes

Lord, taxes are like the boogey-man. We’ve all heard how shitty he is, but we never expect he’s actually going to come for us. Being a 1099 or self-employed person means you are in charge of your taxes. Make sure you know when they are do, how to do them, and most importantly how much you should be setting aside to pay them. There’s nothing like doing your yearly taxes and realizing you owe more than you make in a month. YIKES!


Take Time to Relax

One of my first F22 posts was how to relax as a freelancer, and that was smart of me! Really though, find what gets you to relax and do it often. And don’t let work creep into it! I love going to the gym, but I found myself watching YouTube videos or listening to Podcasts that were about being an entrepreneur….which totally killed my happy endorphin relaxy vibe. I just ended up tired and stressed that I wasn’t accomplishing enough! Do yoga, draw, cook, play video games…whatever it is. Take time to relax or the universe will make you in the form of mental and physical health issues!


Do Things in Advance

I wrote all of my Blogmas posts in September…because I’m smart. (At least that’s what I tell myself!) So one of my claims to fame is that I completed 30 credits in one semester in college…actualy I did it twice. And I did it by doing all of my assignments in advance. That way if something went wrong I had a buffer…and if it didn’t go wrong and the end of everything I got some well needed rest! And this philosophy carried into freelancing, blogging and I guess now my Masters program as well. (Going for that 30 credit semester #3 y’all!) Now you don’t have to do things months in advance, but having one or two pieces of content cocked and ready to go can save you when shit hits the fan…or you just really want a nap!


Re-Evaluate Where You Are Headed Often

Where you were on Jan 1, 2020 is not where you will be on July 1, 2020. You may want different things, your life dynamic may have changed, or the freelancing world may have turned upside down. Just because you pivot doesn’t mean you failed in your original pursuit-you may find yourself returning to it, or keeping what you learned from it to help you on your new adventure.



So those are just a handful of things I learned in 2019! I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds and what I can cook up for you in my 2 year anniversary post! <3 

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