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Are you an introvert? Me too! In fact my Meyers-Briggs personality type is INFJ, with the I being waaaay introverted. I love people, but they can be draining. Because of this many introverts are drawn to less people centered careers, or dealing with people in small spurts of time. Freelancing and side gigs offer a lot of ways to make money and keeping human interaction to a minimum. I get it, you don’t have people! But the angry Karens of the world can be a real drag. Try out these side hustles and keep the stress to a minimum.





Take Surveys!

There are so many survey sites in the world now it’s insane! Survey sites allow you to take surveys, quizes, or share your opinions from the comfort of your own home. Now this isn’t the most lucrative side hustle, but it will make you more money vs scrolling on Instagram during your Hulu ad breaks, am I right? Swag Bucks is a popular online poll and survey completion site that pays you in “SwagBucks” which can be cashed in via PayPal. You have the option to monetize your internet browsing if you use their search engine.  Additionally, you can get paid to play games, watch videos, or participate in online shopping with SwagBucks registered websites.


Pet Sitting!

We know I’ve been a fan of pet sitting since I did an interview about it for Funding22! But pet sitting or dog walking offers minimal amounts of human contact, and tons of puppy contact! win win am I right? The only downside would be that if something were to happy to a customers pet you may have to deal with an angry client. On the upside, many sites like Rover allow you to set what types of animals, activity levels, breeds etc you’re willing to care for, so hopefully things like that don’t happen.


Chat Representative

Introverts are on both sides of the help desk nowadays. I admit that when I contact tech companies like GoDaddy I tend to try the chat option before I move to actually calling a human being. Luckily more and more companies are moving towards having both options, and many of them offer at home training so you don’t need to have any IT or tech experience.


Air BnB Host

If you have an extra room or (better yet) an entire property you can rent it out via Airbnb. With a full property you just need to make sure it’s clean and tidy before tenants enter it. Many times hosts just leave a key in a lock box and never meet the renters! Definitely great if you don’t mind doing laundry, but hate small talk.


Sell Your Artwork

Are you an artist? Sites like Society 6 will take your artwork and turn it into well….almost anything! Basically using a site like this allows you to ‘drop ship’ without having to set everything up. You just send them a high res version of your art and then when a sale is made you get a small percentage of the money. If you’re looking to make a bigger profit, that’s when dropshipping comes in! You can create products without ever touching them, and the fulfillment center often handles returns and exchanges of sizes.


So which side hustle do you think would work best for your life? I’m planning on trying dropshipping out in 2020!

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