Freelance Jobs for Extroverts

Hello Hello my F22 Crew!

Are you an extrovert? Do you just LOVE being around people and chatting with them, finding out their life story? Then I’ve got a list of jobs for you! (Don’t worry introvert yours is coming soon as well!) Luckily most jobs require at least a little bit of customer service skills, but this list contains what I think would be fun jobs where you really just get to find out peoples stories and talk with them while making some money!






Tour Guide

Many cities and companies need local tour guides to show off the best aspects of their town. If you LOVE the historical or cultural aspects of your city this will be for you. Even some companies like Hershey and Jameson hire guides to accompany people through their factories! Tour guides often find out peoples stories and cater interesting facts to the tour they are giving that day.



Do you have an eye for photography, then turn it into a side business! Every good photographer I have ever met has asked me about my life and seemed to take a genuine interest in it. Like a good hairstylist or tattoo artist, remembering your patrons and the ‘why’ behind the project is how you end up with repeat customers and glowing recommendations! The great part about this side hustle is you can really customize it based on what you love shooting. Fashion, Boudoir, Car, Newborns, Families…the options are endless!


Secret Shopper

Only a little bit of time for a side hustle? Then secret shopping may be for you. Usually the assignments require you to go into an establishment and look around or ask employees questions, and then report on your findings. Often times if a purchase is required you also get your money back for that.


Be a TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an app where you can essentially hire people to come do ‘handy man’ tasks for you. However unlike our parents age, people are willing to do so much more than hang curtains and change lightbulbs. You can offer pet walking, buy groceries, picking up dog poop, helping someone build a garage…whatever. You get paid by the task/hour so longer tasks can be very profitable! You’ll probably find some really interesting people to talk with through this side hustle as well.


Start a YouTube Channel

This side hustle is great for introverts and extroverts, but for different reasons! If you don’t mind putting yourself out there on the internet, you can make videos about ANYTHING you love! You may get some nasty comments, but you’ll also find people who genuinely love what you love! Many people are able to quit there job after YouTube success.


So which side hustle is for you? I would love to start a YouTube channel! We shall see what 2020 holds!

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