SEO During the Holidays

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seo during the holidays

Hello Hello F22!

The holidays are right around the corner, and something I learned recently is that general blog traffic actually dips two times a year! Can you guess when? The holidays, and summer break. Probably because less people are on Pinterest and Google and spending time with their kids. (Can’t blame them!) But there are ways to beat the slump! Using good SEO tactics can help you rise in the rankings, and hopefully offsetting and traffic dips you may see. Here are some tips and tricks for you!




Set the Stage: Make sure your website is working at its best

First and foremost, make sure all aspects of your website are current and working properly. While shortly before the holidays is not the best time to do a complete website overall, it is a good time to do a sizeable cleanup. Consider these next couple of weeks your website’s spring cleaning. Make sure that your keywords are current and representative of your site. Make sure that you know what kind of traffic is already going to your site through Google Analytics. Make sure that your titles and product descriptions are already optimized before you layer on the holiday season. While you should always be analyzing and understanding who your customer is throughout the year, clarity around your customer base becomes crucial during the holidays. You need to understand how the gift buyer is looking at your site, not necessarily the gift recipient.

Also, get rid of any out of date material, broken URL’s, slow site speed, etc. If you have become lax in your blog posts, now is as good a time as any to get onto a schedule and stick with it. Your blog can be one of the best ways to create a loyal customer base as well as optimizing your holiday business. We’ll talk more about your blog and social media in a moment.



Do Your Research: What is trending?

Get in the habit of checking out Google Trends and find out what people are interested in. Jump out ahead of the crowd by connecting what is trending with what you can offer for the holidays. By starting early, you have time to get creative in connecting trends to the product or services that you have available. For example, if you notice that the Samsung 10+ is picking up speed in Google Trends and you are a seller of phone accessories, you can become a part of the conversation about the phone through your social media and blogging and include links to the appropriate accessories on your website.



Choosing Keywords: Do More Research

If your website is up to speed, then you should only have to make tweaks and slight additions to maximize holiday traffic. Be mindful and do some research on what keywords you are using. Don’t include Playstation as a keyword unless you can back it up with appropriate products and services. The goal is not to reach everyone in the world, the goal is to reach the people who will take advantage of what you have to offer.  Consider using Google Keyword Planner to help you brainstorm and find connections. Also, keyword phrases should be included as well. While they might not bring as many visitors to your website, they will bring the right visitors.


Connect all the Threads: Social media and your website

Once you have decided on the appropriate keywords, they should be threaded throughout all aspects of your social media and blog accompanied by links to your website. Before the real push of the season starts, you can start the conversation about the products and services your business has to offer through engaging content that doesn’t set off the holiday shopping stress bells in a potential customer’s mind. Your blog can be the help that your holiday shopper needs in terms of gift suggestions, decorations, stress relief, recipes and so much more. Use every part of your blog post for optimization. Your title, headers, meta description, and URLs all become searchable. Make sure that your keywords are sprinkled liberally throughout.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure that you maximize mobile searchability. Mobile searches and purchases account for a truly formidable number of searches and purchases. Here are a few statistics according to

Mobile ecommerce sales increased by 32.6 percent in 2018 — accounting for 44 percent of all holiday ecommerce sales.

Mobile devices were responsible for 54.3 percent of all visits to retail sites on Cyber Monday 2018, compared to 34.7 percent of visits from desktops. Smartphones were also responsible for 42.6 percent of sales.

66 percent of shoppers used their mobile devices to make purchase decisions over the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday period.




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