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Hello Hello F22 Crew!

Have you ever been sitting there…mid November…and suddenly realize that Black Friday and the official start of the holiday season is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER? Don’t panic! I’ve been there many times and I know money can be tight. But with the number of freelancing options in the world today, I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of freelancing options that pay quickly, so you can get those presents ASAP!


All of the following companies have a weekly pay schedule through direct deposit into a checking or savings account, a very nice deal if you are used to being paid every other week by your regular job (or, god forbid, every month for certain government workers). But if you are looking for something even faster, here is how instant pay works for each service.






Instacart is a grocery delivery service that partners with most major (and in some cases minor) grocery and drug stores throughout the country. You receive a customer’s grocery list through the app to shop our you pick up a pre-shopped order to deliver. A car is required to work for this service.

Instant Cashout – Instacart can payout shortly after delivery is shown as completed and the final payout appears on the shopper’s Earnings screen (generally 20 minutes or less). Cashouts can be requested up to five times per day. A new shopper needs to complete five batches before they are eligible for the service and a debit card is needed for Instant Cashouts.

An important detail to be aware of for Instant Cashouts is that they are for delivery earnings, delivery bonuses and referral bonuses. Customer tips are paid on the weekly schedule. So if the delivery charge was $7 and you received a delivery bonus of $3 (earned by a customer rating the delivery five stars) plus the customer gives you are $10 tip, plan on receiving $10 instantly and the other $10  on the regular payday the following week.

Instant Cashouts cost fifty cents per payout.



Postmates is food delivery along with some grocery and drugstore delivery. Depending on the city, you can deliver using a bicycle, a motorcycle/moped or a car. In certain markets, it’s possible to walk.

Instant Payouts – the same as Instacart with the delivery person being able to cash out as soon as the order is completed for fifty cents per transaction. There is no apparent limit. Postmates makes the entire delivery amount available for instant withdrawal, including the tip.



Uber and Lyft are the original rideshare services. Both companies offer car rental deals to drivers if they either don’t have or choose not to use their own cars.

They both also offer a few different payment options

Uber Visa Debit Card/Lyft Direct Debit Card – You must apply for this payment method because you will be using an Uber Visa/Lyft Direct debit card mailed to you upon approval (the application is about identity verification, not a credit check). Each morning, the amount earned the previous day is available on the Uber Visa/Lyft Direct card. You can use this card like any other debit card, including making withdrawals at most ATM’s. This program might not be available in your area yet, so double check locally before signing up to drive with either service if this is the most attractive feature to you.

Uber Instant Pay/Lyft Express Pay – using your own debit card, you can have instant payouts up to five times a day at a cost of fifty cents each. Lyft does require that the passenger complete the payment before they will offer instant pay on that ride.


Door Dash

Door Dash is a food delivery service. Transportation is required. The type of transportation depends on the city, the same as Postmates.

Door Dash has stricter rules regarding its Fast Pay service. Dashers must complete 25 deliveries and at least two weeks of dashing before they are eligible for the program. They will then be able to attach a debit card to their deposit account. The cost for Fast Pay is $1.99 and it can be utilized once per day.

With all these services, the weekly direct deposit is free.

The payment flexibility of these companies can be attained with other hustles or your regular job by using the Earnin app. With Earnin, you need a checking account and proof of your paycheck schedule. Payments hit the account within 1 or 2 days unless you add your debit card in which case the Lightning Speed payout generally takes just a few minutes. The difference between Earnin and the Instant Payout of side hustles is that Earnin is essentially giving you a low cost (or no cost) payday advance from $50 to $500. They will recoup the funds through automatic withdrawal on your following paycheck. They limit how much you can withdraw per day as well as how much you can withdraw per pay period so that you don’t risk becoming overdrawn in your account. New users start with the ability to withdraw $100 total per pay period until they establish their ability to repay (which happens within a couple of pay periods). The amount you can withdraw increases or decreases over time depending on your overall financial health. How much you pay for each withdrawal is entirely up to you. You can pay zero or the suggested amount. Each “tip” helps pay for the next person who uses the service. Each time you leave a tip, you will receive a message that another Earnin user has benefited from your support.


The Take-Away

With all these quick pay services, you must have a debit card tied to an actual bank account. They will not pay out to prepaid cards. Also, your bank can influence how quickly you get your cash depending on how they process payments.

As you can see, the side hustles that pay the fastest are also the largest and most familiar. If you are trying to make that extra money during the holidays without a lot of hassle, I recommend sticking with the established companies. You might not make as much as some new bright, shiny startup but you can count on your money being available to you as soon as you want it.

If you are planning on using any or all these services during the holidays, I recommend you get signed up with them now. It does take a bit of time to get through the background checks and receive the credit cards needed (for Instacart, Postmates and Door Dash) and it would be nice to get yourself up to speed before the orders start rolling in. Also, you will beat the rush of people who decide to jump in on November 1st. For all these services, don’t underestimate the value of including Halloween as part of the holiday season. There is plenty of money to be made around the end of October and on Halloween itself.





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