How to Automate Your Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

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You should know by now that one of my many side-hustles in being a social media manager. I’ve also done this professionally, so I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve! Being a social media manager (SMM) or blogger, freelancer, small business owner requires you to post A LOT. The best way to make this easier is by automating your posting, and batching your creation. We will go over batching creation later, so for now let’s focus on automating!



Now remember that all social media platforms are constantly updating their terms of service, so use these options at your own risk! Most of them I’ve never had a problem with, but it’s no telling when you wake up one morning and something is banned! (Looking at you Instagram!)



Track performance, schedule posts, and source inspiration for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest. The Google chrome extension allows you to tweet and save webpages for future posts. Buffer also allows for tailored posts for each social network. The built-in calendar gives you an at-a-glance view to see your monthly content line up, a perfect way to stay organized and guarantee daily engagement!



Schedule posts in advance for a variety of different platforms with Hootsuite. Hootsuite also provides a real-time feed of all social media interactions to maximize follower engagement and to never miss a mention. The Social Media analytics feature shows meaningful performance metrics to gather insights and create reports. You can also filter conversations by keyword, hashtag, or location and in multiple languages. Never miss a beat.



The best tool for social media marketing is understanding what kind of content your following likes and dislikes. Crowdifre allows you to schedule content on Instagram and Twitter while providing details about your unfollowers. Eliminate spam accounts and inactive followers to make room for the right users for your business. The more information you know about your users, the more likely you are to post content they actually like. Schedule posts easily with the viral hashtag tools and photo suggestions and automatically repost posts and analyze direct message marketing.


Post Planner

If your struggling to increase engagement and can’t find the right audience for your content, Post-Planner can help pinpoint the right audience and content (for a very responsible price). Schedule reposts from popular feeds if your inspiration is running low. Post Planner is one of the most used social media marketing tools with 921.8 average engagement. Check out the how-to tutorial videos for social media marketing automation newbies!



Monitor content and access social media analytics to find what works and what doesn’t on Instagram and Pinterest. Schedule and manage unlimited content and track industry trends. Monitor conversations and maximize your reach by scheduling posts when users are most active on Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind Tribes allows you to find content and connect with various Tailwind users and grow your engagement with similar-minded users!



Bring all your marketing efforts under one roof with CoSchedule. Maximize your productivity and get organized with multiple marketing tools and integrations. Schedule and track content with the marketing and content calendar. Manage workflow and delegate tasks while having full access to all marketing assets with the Asset Organization feature. Test and score email subject lines and create click-worthy email campaigns. Up those conversation rates and ROI at a low cost.



Create unforgettable customer experiences with Sprinklr’s digital marketing tools and integrations. The best feature of Sprinklr is the API integrations with popular applications like, NewsCred, Google Campaign Manager, and MailChimp. Leverage AI to automate workflows, listen to customers, and create reports to increase your ROI. Save time and manage brand risk by following Governance Rules and Approval processes. Control and access Brand Assets and easily halt publishing in PR emergencies.


Social Flow

Monetize and distribute content across various platforms with Social Flows smart algorithms. SocialFlow has published over 25 million Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest Posts and has generated more than 1 Trillion impressions. Some of the biggest names in Publishing, such as the Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, and Huffpost use SocialFlow to publish and monetize content. With trusted algorithms, the right content is always published at the right time. Receive alerts when its optimal to recycle high performing old posts, a great tool for those who are seeking to repurpose old content.

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