Best Freelance Job Boards for Newbies

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Are you new to freelancing and really overwhelmed? Yeah I was at one point too! That was one of the reasons I started Funding22, to help people navigate this weird world. Hopefully you won’t be doing as much Goolge-ing as I had to do! Here are some of the best job boards for newbies! Flexjobs is probably my favorite, but I’ll let you try them out for yourself!



With thousands of jobs posted every day, Upwork is a great place to start working on your freelance career because it makes the process easy and you can start reaching out for work with proposals right away. You will need to fill out an application which is generally reviewed within 24 hours.  Once your application is accepted, you will have access to coursework and videos to help you get started and learn about best practices for securing work on Upwork. Give time and attention to your profile and portfolio and make sure it represents the work that you want to do. If you want to be considered in more than one occupation (virtual assistant and copy editor, for example), you can create separate specialized profiles. A client that is looking for a virtual assistant will only see your administrative work while the copy editor client can easily review your copy-editing portfolio.

Be sure and take advantage of Upwork’s extensive library of videos and blogs (they even have an ebook) to help you shine. There are a lot of freelancers on Upwork, but there are also a lot of clients looking to hire. You will be more likely to start building return business quickly if you take the time in the beginning to develop a professional and easy-to-follow portfolio.

Cost: $0.15 per Connect. Connects are used to submit proposals to potential clients. Each proposal costs between one and six Connects.



With a 10+ year track record of offering curated and researched flexible jobs, Flexjobs is one of the most trustworthy job sites for freelancers and flexible workers offering easy signup and hundreds of jobs. Job listings are regularly updated. One of the benefits of Flexjobs is the ability to take skills tests that are visible to prospective clients, which can be especially helpful if you need to build up your experience as a freelancer. As with Upwork, take advantage of the ability to create multiple profiles if you are looking for work in multiple disciplines. Freelance work is all about specialization and expertise.

Flexjobs also has an extensive library of blogs and videos to help you get started and stay motivated as you build your freelance business. An interesting feature of Flexjobs is the occasional virtual Job Fair in which several companies will make themselves specifically available to accept resumes and answer questions on a particular day. As with IRL job fairs, this is a great way to make an impression because you can engage in virtual conversations with employers, hiring managers and potential clients.

Cost: $14.95 with discounts for longer subscriptions. There are free job sites available and some of the work that you see on Flexjobs is posted on these free sites.


LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn has become an indispensable part of professional network building; a LinkedIn profile is a must in the professional world. One of the benefits of using Profinder is that it uses your LinkedIn profile which connects you to the enormous LinkedIn ecosystem. You will want to make sure that you are following companies that are a match for your skills to maximize your job leads. Those follows will determine the kind of leads that you will receive. Profinder is a separate service and requires a simple application which takes approximately 24 hours for approval.

This is a service for expert-level professionals. It has the most benefit to those who have extensive experience in a traditional work environment and are ready to move into the freelance world. Profinder advises freelancers that recommendations are essential to success. According to the website, “If you have too few recommendations, ask past clients to write one. Be sure to remind them of the project worked on in your message. Don’t be afraid to be explicit in what you want them to say.” Profinder also encourages freelancers to utilize the LinkedIn publishing platform to write posts about your industry’s trends as well as your career achievements.  Your LinkedIn posts are also displayed on your Profinder profile. Proposals that match your skills are sent to you and you have the opportunity to write a proposal. Only 5 proposals are allowed per posting so you will need to keep an eye on your inbox.

Cost: a whopping $59.99 per month with a 25% savings for an annual membership, which is a pretty hefty price tag for a job service. As mentioned above, this is a service that benefits those professionals with extensive experience in their field who are ready to begin freelancing. If you are still building your resume in your field, you might want to start with the other services and work your way up to Profinder.


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